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If you’re a NJ homeowner, you may eventually find yourself needing either sewer pipe line replacement in NJ or drain line replacement.

Fortunately, certified local NJ sewer contractors can help make this process as simple and painless as possible.

Drain or sewer replacement in NJ can be moderately costly, but once you’ve had it done, you’ll probably never have to worry about it again.

Sewer and drain pipe replacement using trenchless techniques doesn’t require any disruptive digging or sewer replacement by excavation near your home, and can take less than a day to complete.

NJ sewer systems main line repair

If you’re having problems with an aging drain pipe or sewer main line, give us a call today at A1 Sewer & Water Main and Drainage Services.

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NJ Sewer Line Replacement Cost Estimate

NJ sewer pipe replacement

Sewer line repair cost in NJ

Sewer line replacement costs can vary based on how much of your sewer pipe needs to be replaced.

In some cases, only a small section may need sewer replacement, and the rest of the pipe is fine.

This is often the case with leaks, cracks, and tree root incursion.

In other cases, such as old metal pipes (repair, replacement, installation) with widespread corrosion or Orangeberg pipes, you might need to replace your sewer line in its entirety.

In many cases, sewer line replacement costs will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Many sewer pipe line problems can be addressed with relatively simple repairs, like pipe lining.

However, there are some good reasons to replace some or all of your sewer main line completely, including:

  • Severe pipe corrosion: Many older sewer line pipes are made from metal, usually copper or cast iron. Unlike modern PVC and PEX piping, metal sewer and drain pipes are susceptible to corrosion. Since many of these pipes are older, they may have worn away, to the point that they’re essentially beyond repair. For corroded pipes, sewer line replacement is generally the best available option, especially if the damage is too extensive for pipe lining to be effective.
  • Pipe bursting. When severely damaged, a sewer pipe can burst open, causing tremendous damage leading to an acute sewer emergency. When a sewer pipe bursts, homeowners often experience landscape flooding, sewer backflow, clogged drains, and other immediate problems with household plumbing.
  • Calcification and scale. Scale builds up inside of sewer pipes due to the decades-long accumulation of sediments, mostly calcium, contained in minute amounts in tap water. Scale buildup can severely restrict water flow and clog your sewer pipes. It can be removed, but doing so will often cause structural damage to the pipes themselves.
  • For this reason, calcified pipes are often better off being replaced completely.
  • Orangeberg pipes. Orangeberg pipes are rare, but still present on a few older NJ properties. This type of pipe was devised during World War II, when metal shortages created a need for an alternative to the cast iron pipes that were in use at the time. Orangeberg pipes are made from compressed tar paper, and by now, they’re worn down a highly susceptible to leaking, tree root incursion, and sewer pipe collapse.

Trenchless – NJ Sewer Line Replacement Cost

Trenchless sewer replacement is a relatively new alternative to older methods, which required extensive digging and sewer excavation to provide contractors with access to the pipes.

Trenchless sewer repair is a faster, less invasive alternative, preserving your lawn and landscaping while patching up your sewer line.

In most cases, trenchless sewer main line repair will be an available option, and will be recommended by sewer and drain contractors.

NJ trenchless sewer repair pipe bursting

It’s fairly rare that sewer problems actually require any major excavation.

Trenchless sewer line replacement and sewer repair can take several different forms, depending on the nature and extent of the damage to the pipes.

Generally, sewer repair contractors will begin with sewer camera inspection, to confirm the cause of the problems.

From there, they can determine which trenchless repair method will work best for your individual situation.

Trenchless NJ sewer repair pipe lining

Some of the advantages of trenchless sewer repair include:

  • Less risk of lawn and landscape damage. Trenchless sewer repair won’t leave your lawn brown and damaged, eliminating potential problems with your homeowner’s association from having an unsightly yard.
  • Easier for contractors. Trenchless sewer repairs and sewer replacement are simpler for sewer and drain contractors that traditional methods that require sewer excavation. It requires less physical labor and strain, and doesn’t take nearly as much time to complete.
  • No damage to your driveway or concrete patios. When sewer lines run beneath driveways or patios, excavation is bad news. Trenchless sewer replacement circumvents this problem entirely, minimizing disruption to your everyday life and cutting costs for you.

Some of the various methods of trenchless sewer line repair and replacement include:

  • CIPP pipe lining. CIPP stands for “cure-in-place pipe.” This trenchless sewer repair method involves inserting a resin-based liner that “inflates” when treated in place with heat, steam, or ultraviolet radiation. This repairs cracked and fractured pipes, patching holes to fix underground water leaks.
  • Pull-in-Place (PIP) Lining. PIP lining is similar to CIPP lining. Sewer contractors use specialized machinery to pull a resin- and fiberglass-based liner into a damaged but structurally intact pipe, covering holes and cracks to restore normal water flow. Sewer repair contractors dig two small holes for entry points, then pull the lining into place with a wench. Heat or steam hardens the new pipe in place.
  • Inversion lining. This method of trenchless sewer lining uses a felt and resin liner to patch up pinholes and minor cracks, which can cause underground water leaks which weaken the surrounding soil.
  • Pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is a sewer repair method designed for sewer line replacement for severely damaged sections of pipe. Contractors begin by creating a small hole at the end of each broken pipe section, creating entry points for the new pipe. Then, a cable is attached to a bursting head, a piece of machinery designed to break apart the damaged pipe, pushing the pieces outward into the surrounding soil. The cables pull a new pipe segment behind them, replacing the broken parts. Finally, hot steam or high pressures are used to harden the new section of pipe.
  • Moling. Moling, named after the common mole, uses a pneumatic drilling machine to create a hole in the soil, into which a new pipe section is placed.

NJ Sewer Contractors

Best Main Line Sewer Repair in NJ

At some point, you’ll probably find yourself needing main line repair sewer for your NJ home or business. Sewer lines can break, crack, get invaded by tree roots, and wear down from corrosion.

This leads to underground water leaks, clogged sewer lines, and even sewer pipe collapse.

Getting sewer repair service quickly can help prevent more serious problems like sewer backflow into your home, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on sewer pipe repair costs.


Broken sewer pipe line


Some of the most common reasons for sewer repair at NJ homes and businesses include:

  • Cracked or leaking sewer pipes. When your sewer pipes develop pinholes and cracks, wastewater leaks out into the surrounding soil. Moistening the soil constantly can compromise the pipe’s stability, increasing the risk of bellying (sagging downward) or sewer pipe collapse.
  • Burst sewer lines. Sewer pipes with severe structure damage can burst completely, which often causes nearly instant sewer backup into kitchens and bathrooms. A burst sewer pipe generally requires emergency sewer line repair or sewer replacement to prevent water damage to your home or business.
  • Tree root damage. Pinholes and cracks in a sewer pipe provide a convenient entry point for tree root growth. Large trees have extensive root systems that constantly send out new shoots, which seek nutrients and moisture– both of which are present in large amounts in your sewer main line. These roots grow into the pipes, causing clogging and further structural damage. Hydro jetting can clear out roots by breaking them apart, but the remaining damage may require sewer main line repairs.
  • Structural pipe damage. Corrosion, bellying, and other issues can damage the structural integrity of a pipe. This can require sewer replacement service, with a new section of pipe installed to replace the old one completely.
  • Corrosion in old metal pipes. Old metal sewer and drain pipes can experience pronounced corrosion, creating holes and cracks that require sewer or drain repairs.

When you need main line sewer repair in NJ, sewer service contractors will talk to you about your options for fixing the problem as quickly, effectively, and inexpensively as possible. Your options may include:

  • Sewer excavation. In some cases, contractors may need to dig in order to gain full access to the sewer lines. Excavation used to be the primary method for sewer contractors to access pipes, but it’s largely been supplanted in the last few decades by trenchless sewer repair techniques.
  • Trenchless sewer main line repair. Trenchless sewer repairs don’t require contractors to expose the pipe by digging. Instead, a combination of cameras for visuals, and machinery for moving pipes, is used to repair or replace sections of your sewer pipe. These methods preserve your lawn and landscaping, as well as helping to keep costs down by minimizing the time and effort needed for repairs.

You may need to call a local NJ sewer repair company if you’re experiencing any of the following problems with your home or business’s plumbing and drainage systems:

  • Multiple clogged sinks and toilets. If it seems like all of your plumbing is clogged up at the same time, your sewer main line is probably the problem. Clogs and breakage in the sewer obstruct water flow, disrupting the plumbing systems throughout an entire house or building.
  • Moist ground in your yard above the sewer line. Broken sewer lines leak into the surrounding soil, which can cause moist, soggy, marshy areas to pop up in your yard.
  • Sewage backing up into your sinks, drains, and toilets. Sewer backflow is a worst case scenario, and if it happens, you’ll need emergency sewer repair service as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could be facing extensive water damage and biohazardous materials.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems at your home or business, call a local sewer repair company immediately.

NJ Drain Pipe Replacement

Drain pipe replacement NJ

Like sewer main lines, drain pipes may occasionally need to be replaced.

This applies to residential drain lines and drainage systems, but drain pipe replacement and drain repair are an even bigger concern in commercial settings.

Most drains need occasional cleaning to remove hair, cooking grease, and other debris that can cause clogs.

However, they can also crack, burst, or leak, in which case they may need to be replaced if they’re significantly damaged.

Some of the most common reasons for drain pipe replacement in NJ include:

  • Corrosion. Old metal drain pipes rust and corrode over time, eventually leading to holes and cracks that leak out water. Rust buildup in cast iron pipes can also cause water discoloration in areas of your home. Corroded pipes usually need to be replaced, often with modern PVC or PEX piping that’s corrosion resistant and long-lasting.
  • Calcification and scale. Like sewer pipes, drain pipes can develop layers of scale or calcification from years of exposure to trace amounts of minerals in water. Pipes with scale don’t drain correctly and restrict water flow. Generally speaking, drain pipe replacement is the best approach to scale and calcification.
  • Tree root growth. Outdoor drain pipes can fill up with tree roots, which are drawn to the water inside them. Root growth can clog and fracture drains.

 Restaurant Sewer Repair – Commercial Drain

Restaurants and other businesses can depend heavily on a correctly working drainage system.

Restaurant drains, in particular, are often exposed to large amounts of grease.

Even with a grease trap, restaurant drains can clog, break, and otherwise need repairs.

Most businesses eventually need commercial drain pipe repair or drain pipe replacement nj service to keep things working.

At A1 Sewer & Drain, we also provide new commercial drain line installation for restaurants, factories, warehouses, and other local NJ businesses.

Professional drain pipe installation and replacement is important, since improperly installed pipes are more likely to leak, sag downward, or fracture.

Call us any time to find out more about our commercial drain services in NJ.

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