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Water line services to properties in NJ are regulated by the building and plumbing department of your town.  If a property owner wants to install water service to a new structure, replace their water service line, upgrade their water service pipes or wants an existing water main line to be relocated, the property owner is responsible for the cost of the service and ensuring that it complies with the town code, has the needed permits and passes plumbing inspections.

It’s important to have a licensed NJ plumber that is familiar with the building department system in your town and the process for permits and inspections.  At a1 we have been engaged in underground plumbing pipe work for many years throughout New Jersey and are very familiar with the proper procedures, we know many of the inspectors and have passed hundreds of plumbing line inspections.  When you hire our team you not only get 100% honest quality work and but you will get the benefit of our past work and connections so your project will run smoothly from start to finish.

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New Water Service Line to Property Adjacent to Town Water Main.

When building a new property or adding on to a new building in New Jersey you will need to connect to the town’s public water main system for water service.   The public water main is typically under the closest public right-of-way so the service connection will typically run from the structure to the front lot line of the property near the street.

Supply service line – Water Main

Written application to connect to the town water system is needed and a permit is required per the town building regulations.  The new water line installation must be inspected and tested before it can be connected to the public water system.   The property owner is responsible for hiring a licensed plumbing contractor to install the new water lateral line and connect it to the public sewer main service whether it is in the public right-of-way, an approved easement on private property.


After inspection and permit issuance, the new water line will be connected and the town will have no ownership or maintenance responsibility for the private service line that has been installed on the private property once it has passed final plumbing permit inspection.

Damage to Water Main Pipes and Fixtures.

Where there is a leaking service line or otherwise defective water service line that is within the public right-of-way up to the main valve connecting the water service line on a private property to the the town main, the town will typically be responsible for handling and bearing the cost of all repairs.    If the damaged water line is within the private property of the homeowner it is the property owners responsibility to hire and pay the cost of a state registered plumbing contractor to complete the water line repairs.

NJ lead service line replacement plumbers

There are still some homes in NJ that have lead service lines or lead service connectors, sometimes referred to as lead pigtails or goosenecks.  More typically, you may find lead had been used as a solder connecting copper pipes or brass in plumbing fixtures.  Lead can leach into a home’s drinking water from corrosion of these plumbing pipes containing lead.

If you have any lead in your plumbing pipes it should be replaced immediately.

Leaking line

leaking line main
Service leaking line under the main street

A leaking water line occurs when the water pipes develop a crack or a hole that lets water out run out into the surrounding soil.  One or two small leaks may not affect water service, but these types of holes have a tendency to grow with time and eventually will cause a disruption in water service.

Broken line

Water lines made of cast iron tend to break during the winter.  The cold water can make the pipes more brittle and the freezing temperatures make the ground around the pipes freeze and thaw putting external stress on the pipe leading to breaks in the line.  Changes in temperature are only one factor that can weaken on your pipes and cause them to break.  Broken water lines are also often caused by the ordinary aging of a pipe, tree roots breaking through the line, incorrect installation, pipe corrosion, and soil movement can also cause a water main pipe to break.

Water Line  and Utility line Repair Service NJ

Street water main replacement
  • underground pipe repair
  • leaking water main
  • Damage utility line repair
  • trenchless line repair

Water Line Replacement

we upgrade any water main to any size pipe you may be needed. Please call us today for free water main repair or replacement estimate in NJ

Curb valve

The curb valve is the water shut off valve typically found underground by the curb near the water main in the street.  Curb stop valves are required for most plumbing systems and may need to be replaced from time to time.