Sewer and Water Line Services

If you have been experiencing problems with your water or sewer lines it is possible that you have a broken water line or sewer line in the underground pipes at your home or business.  The only way to find the source of the problem is to have a camera inspection of your underground water lines and sewer lines to see the condition of your pipes.

At A1 we are underground sewer and water line experts; we can run our camera through the lines and determine if there is any damage to the pipes or if any water pipes or sewer lines need to be replaced.  We offer a variety of sewer line repair options and water line repair options to fit any budget.

Our New Jersey licensed and insured underground plumbing experts can repair any underground pipes, and always provide reasonable upfront pricing that delivers value every time.

Water Line Leak Repair services

A water leak can occur in the underground water line pipes of your home and you may not be aware.  There are a number of possible causes of a water line leak:

Underground water line leak
  • Tree roots breaking through the pipes to get to the water.
  • Shifts in soil can move the pipes around and create downward or lateral pressure on the pipe and cause it to deform and break.
  • Some pipe materials are more prone to cracking and breaking with age and use.
  • Older water line pipes may corrode and degrade

If you think you may have a water like a leak or have questions about what to look for call A1 contractors  24-7 and we will be happy to help you.


Sewer Line Repair service

If your main sewer line is not working properly it is likely that you are experiencing frequent sewer clogs, sewer odors, slow drains or sewage backing up into your home. These are all indications that you are in need of sewer line repair.

Sewage backing up

Our sewer line repair team can conduct a sewer camera inspection of your underground sewer line to locate broken sewer pipes and sewer line leaks.  With the sewer line camera, we can show you exactly why you are having sewer line issues.  Once we know the sewer line problem, we can offer you an estimate for complete sewer line repairs, we can excavate the sewer line to fix the sewer line or complete the sewer repair without excavation of the pipes using trench-less sewer repair methods.

Water Main Repairing service

If you are having trouble with your water line and suspect it may be broken or leaking, call us as soon as you can for water line inspection and repair.  The following three signs are the primary symptoms indicating you may have a leaking main water line:

  • flooded, soggy areas in your yard.
  • low water pressure.
  • unexplained increase in your water bill.

To schedule a water leak detection camera inspection or water line repairs call us!

Water Main Replacing

Typically, a main water line will last at least 50 years.  But like all things, over time pipes, even cast iron pipes, will crack, break, rust, corrode and deteriorate. At A1 we specialize in all types of underground pipe replacement.  We can dig up the old one and install a new water line in a day or two or use trenchless techniques without digging.  Either way, your old broken water line will be replaced with a brand new water line to keep your home with running water for decades to come.

Water Main Installing

If you need new water line installation in Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas, we can help you. With A1 Sewer & Drain, you will receive high quality low cost professional water line installation services.  Water main installation is something we do on a regular basis.

Our New Jersey licensed and insured water main experts design and install high quality water line installations for residential and commercial properties in NJ all the time. Contact us today for free advice and a FREE estimate for your water line installation.

Water Main Excavation

Plumbing line repair services

Our plumbing line repair services include:

  •  Sewer line repair
  • water line repair
  • sewer line installation
  • water line installation
  • sewer line replacement
  • water line replacement
  • lead line replacements services
  • water pipe leak repair
  • sewer pipe leak repair
  • drain cleaning
  • drainage pipe repair
  • sewer backup repair
  • emergency plumbing services

Our underground pipe repair team is ready and on call to help with any underground plumbing line repair services you may need.

We can provide information, advice and estimates to help you repair your underground plumbing, water main repairing replacing installing sewer excavation in a reliable way and at a low cost! You can count on A1 Sewer & Drain to deliver value in plumbing every time.

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