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Need water main line repair or replacement service? we are a water main contractors company in NJ specializing in water main repair & replacement in the northern, central jersey area. water_mains-repair-water_mains-replacement

A house’s water line usually begins at the water meter and enters your home through the basement wall, crawlspace, or the concrete in the slab.  In the other direction the water main pipes will run underground through your backyard or front yard to the town water main lines which are usually in the street. 

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Repair and replacement of main water lines are what we do best and we can offer you affordable prices and the best service on water line repair.

Calling us at  201-645-0888 connects you directly to our call center; days, nights, weekends, even holidays you talk directly to a water line repair expert who is there to offer you free advice and make sure your water line repairs are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Water main repair contractors have experience with the repair of water main lines using methods of excavation or trenchless methods of water line repair.

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  • the main water line replacement
  • emergency water main break service 24-7


We offer both traditional excavation of water lines for repair and trenchless water pipe repair. We will evaluate your water main repair issue and recommend the method that is best for your water line project and will be the cheapest method of water line repair.

Sometimes excavation is necessary and we need to dig a trench in order to access the water line for repair. Other times the underground water line can be repaired using a trenchless method and we can complete the water line repair or replacement without excavation of the water line pipes.

In either case, we will leave your yard looking as beautiful as it was before the water main line repair.


A house or commercial business will sometimes need a water main replacement contractor to replace a water pipe or an entire water line.  This happens sometimes when the water line is old, has corroded or has cracked.

Replacing a water main line can also be done by excavating the line, removing the old water line and installing new water pipes.  If the underground water main lines are corroded or fallen out of place, this may be the best method of water line repair.

If the structure of your water main service lines are in place but the pipe is broken or a portion of the pipe has cracked, this can often be repaired without excavation of the water line using trenchless replacement methods.


A leak in the water main line, even the most minor water leak, can be a big problem for any commercial business.  Water line repair for a business needs to be done quickly and with as little disruption to the business and the property as possible.

We have served many commercial businesses in New Jersey with water line repair and water pipe replacement and we’ve made customer service our first priority by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and giving advice that is suited to commercial businesses that need their water lines to run effectively.

Our experience with water main repair allows us to provide low cost commercial water main service quickly and effectively.  We always give you an estimate up front, and we stick to the timing we promise.

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We have the  knowledge and experience to take care of all types of commercial water main service, including:

We can complete commercial water main repair service in NJ in days not weeks.

Contact us today at 201-645-0888 for a free estimate and free advice regarding your water line repair project.



If your house’s water main is not working and you think it may need water main repair or replacement contact A1 and we can offer you the best options for water main repair in NJ.

Some of the water main repair methods we use for a house include:

  • Camera Inspection — we run a camera down your water main lines to inspect the condition of the water lines and where your problem is.
  • Water Line Excavation – this is a traditional method of water line repair.  We dig a trench running the length of the water line and replace any broken pipes, then fill up the trench and replace your landscaping.  This can usually be completed in a day or two.
  • Pipe Lining — this is trenchless water pipe repair/trenchless sewer repair method so we do not dig a trench. We use the existing openings to the water line pipe and thread a new epoxy liner through that sticks to the inside of the old pipe lining and resealing the pipe.
  • Pipe Bursting — this is another trenchless water main repair method.  We again use the existing openings to the pipe but use a pointed expander head that bursts your old water pipe line and pulls a new pipe through the cavity to replace it.

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