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For water main contractors NJ home owners trust A1 with their water line repairs, main water pipe replacement and new water line installations.

Whether you are having a problem with your existing water line or building a new addition to your house and need new water main line installation on a new property our experts can help you.

Main water line replacement

We are experts at underground water line services and can give you a fast turnaround and a good price. Contact us at 201-645-0888 to discuss your water line issue and for a free fixed cost quote on any of these services.


If you have an emergency water line problem in nj call us at 201-645-0888 .  We do not have an answering service.  Our call center is staffed 24 hour a day, 7 days a week by members of our team so you will talking directly to a technician with knowledge of water line repair.

Commercial Water Main Contractors in NJ

We understands the concerns of commercial business owners when it comes to problems with their main water line.  Water line repair can disrupt your business and costs can rack up if the repairs are not done quickly by experienced commercial contractors that deal with underground water and sewer pipes regularly.

We have worked as a commercial contractor for many local NJ businesses and we know how to keep the water line repair process hassle free by securing permits, calling for utility location and minimizing damage to lawns.

Business owners can expect their water line repair or water line installation to be completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Your main water line supply is important to your business, whether you have an office building, a restaurant, laundromat, factory or doctors office.

We are long time water will minimize down time and get your water main contractors in NJ and we have worked with all of these types of businesses.street-digging-Haledon-nj

Water line contractors to reduce your water bill

If your water bill seems to have become higher recently because of increased water usage but nothing has changed in your home, you could have a leak in your water line.

A water line leak can occur inside your home or commercial building, where you will likely see evidence of a leak in water spots on your walls or flooding. But a water line leak may also be in the portion of the water line that is outside your home or business in an underground water pipe that runs from the street to the building.

Water main leak repair contractor in NJ


Water leak repair can be difficult to know how to handle for a nj property owner because the water line is underground and you can’t see the broken water pipe or the leaking water pipe.

A professional water main contractor will first do a complete inspection of the water line with a video camera to determine where the water main leak is.  We will also take a very thorough look at the rest of the water line to determine if it is still in good condition or if it is worth it to replace the entire water line.

Sometimes, if the water line is old, is from old material, or has deteriorated it is more cost effective to complete a water line replacement rather than to excavate to replace a broken pipe when other areas of the water line will break or leak in the next few years.

If you are concerned that you may need water leak repair, call the best water main contractors in NJ and would be happy to help you assess the situation.

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  1. In need of replacement of water main that is very old and started to drip from on/off valve. We are in Closter, you were recommended by a neighbor.