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Water Line Connection

We are a long time NJ local water line repair contractor expert in the water line and sewer line repair and replacement company and can help you handle your water line repair quickly and at a minimum cost.

If you suspect that your water line is leaking or a portion of your water line has collapsed.  It’s important to hire an experienced water line repair company that can diagnose the issue with accuracy and give you the most effective and affordable options for water main break repair. We are experienced with water main leak or break repair in NJ Call us today at 201-645-0888 for a free estimate.

water line digging repair contractors
water line digging repair – water line Install contractors NJ

Pipe Leak Detection and Repair

All water line pipes in NJ will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.  The distribution water pipes lines will age and corrode or become damaged from weather and ground shifts.   Pipe corrosion is most common in water line pipes that need to detect the leak and A1 also provides repair or replacement services.

Your main water line pipes do not last forever. There are many reasons why you may need water line repair:

  • water pipe corrosion. You water pipes may be made of older materials such as cast iron or copper and minerals can wear away the metal in places creating holes and cracks.
  • broken water pipe. A water line pipe can break because of construction nearby or other changes to the landscape and soil that cause the ground to shift and the water pipe to collapse.
  • tree roots in your water line.  Tree roots may seek out the water in your water pipes and break through the pipe to reach the water.  The roots will then continue to grow into the line breaking it and causing blockages.

If you think you may need water line repair or inspection contact us at 201-645-0888 for free advice.

water main leaks
water main line leak repair


Replacement of broken water line usually requires camera inspection of the entire water line to see what portion of the water line needs to be replaced.  This allows us to find the exact location of the broken water pipe or to see if the whole line is corroded and main water line replacement is needed.  Once we know exactly what and where the issue is, sewer line excavation is typically required to expose the broken or corroded pipe and replace it with a new pipe.


Install – Installation

Connection to the main water line is a critical component of any new property or addition to an existing property.  You want to make sure the water lines are installed properly and in the best possible placement and configuration at the outset to avoid problems with the water lines later.  We provide water line installation in NJ with proper experience, training and equipment.

Hackensack water main break repair

Water main break services

Water main break in NJ? Let’s fix it today

  • Water pipe leak detection
  • Sewer leak detection
  • Paramus water main leak/break
  • Water main break Edison nj today
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  • Fair Lawn main water line repair services
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  • Water supply main pipeline replacement
  • Main water pipe line repair

Water main break service repair by trenchless near me

no-dig water line
No dig water line replacement

24/7 Service Day & Night Leak repairs in New Jersey

There are many water main problems where any delay in repair can cause damage or a major inconvenience.  These happen day and night, on weekends and holidays.  An ordinary nj plumber will not be able to handle an outdoor underground water line repair, you need to call a nj water line contractor that is experienced with underground pipe repair.

Main water break repair
 Main water pipe break repair same day

We know this and are prepared to help with any water main repairs 24/7/365.  You don’t need to wait until morning call us anytime, day or night, and we will arrive within the hour and get to work immediately. Contact us anytime at 201-645-0888 for help with any water line main leaking or sewer main issue in NJ.

Water main break repair / Main water replacement

Main Water Line

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Main Water Line

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Water Line Installation

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Main Water Line

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