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ain lines in NJ. We service a broad region encompassing Bergen County, Morris County, Union County, Essex County, Passaic County, and Hudson County.

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Main Line Installation

Main water line installation in NJ by local plumbing contractors 

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, our team of experienced local plumbing contractors provides residential, commercial, and municipal water main line installation and water main line replacement throughout north NJ.

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main-water-line supply street water to house in NJ
The main water line supplies street water to the house in NJ

Problems with the water main line can cause low water pressure, yellow water in the plumbing system, underground water leaks, and other issues. New water line installation is often needed when pipes are old and worn out, or for new construction for homes, businesses, and municipal projects.

Water Line Installation Costs

Factors that affect water line installation costs

The cost of water line installation from a certified NJ plumbing company can vary considerably, based on a number of factors. Some of the things that can affect the cost of commercial or residential water line installation include:

  • Access. Trees and other obstructions can restrict access to the area for water line installation contractors. If we need to remove trees or jackhammer through paved concrete areas, this can elevate the cost of the service.
  • Depth. The deeper the water line installation needs to be, the more costly it will be.
  • Location. Your geographical location can affect the cost of water line installation. PVC is often used as a highly cost-effective and durable material for water mains, but in areas that are prone to freezing during the winter, it may not be the best choice. In other areas, corrosive soil precludes the use of copper for water lines.
  • Permits. In some cases, we may need to obtain a permit from the city for water line installation.

Water Pipe Types

NJ Water Pipe Installation: Materials and Types of Pipes

Main water pipes can be made from several different types of materials, which need to be suitable for transporting potable drinking water. Municipal water lines are large in diameter, whereas smaller “gooseneck” pipes for individual properties are considerably smaller. Large municipal water mains can be over 9 feet in diameter, while smaller pipes can be as little as 12mm.

Plumbing water line installation in nj can use metal, cement, or plastic pipes.

  • Steel water pipes. Steel is comparatively expensive, but it’s highly durable and very strong. Steel water lines can withstand high water pressures and can be installed in greater lengths than many other materials.
  • Iron and galvanized steel pipes. Galvanized steel plumbing is used to transport both potable water and wastewater. The galvanization process involves applying a protective zinc coating, which protects the metal from damage and corrosion. When the water flow is slow or static, galvanized, steel pipes can corrode, and contaminants from the corrosion can enter the water. For this reason, galvanized steel is falling out of favor for new water line installation. water-line-replacement
  • Cast iron. Cast iron pipes are heavy but durable and are suitable for handling high water pressures.
  • Concrete cement. Concrete water pipes are durable, corrosion-resistant, and strong, but expensive to install.
  • PVC pipes. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is light, inexpensive, and resistant to corrosion. They’re suitable for underground use, although they can become brittle when exposed to UV light.

Geographical location, climate, soil conditions, and the diameter of the water pipes can affect which material is most suitable for water line installation.


Excavation for Water Pipe Installation in NJ


Water line replacement and installation plumbers in NJ almost always requires excavation, as does water line replacement.

This can disrupt lawns, landscaping, and paved areas. After municipal water line replacement or installation, damaged curbs and sidewalks will be restored as close as possible to their original condition.

NJ Plumbers for Water Line Installation

At A1 Water Sewer & Drain Services, our team of experienced NJ plumbing contractors provides residential, commercial, and municipal water line installation and sewer repair services throughout  NJ.

Street opening for water line installation and replacement

For water line installation service today, or to find out more, call us any time at 201-645-0888.

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