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Water connection line leaking in nj? A1’s water line repair team can help!   Call A1 water main services today for any water wain issues! We guarantee the best price and services in NJ!

Main water connection line leaking NJ

A water connection line leaking in your NJ home is a plumbing problem you want to get fixed right away.   If not taken care of promptly, cracked, broken or damaged water lines can lead to larger amounts of water leaking from your water connection lines and potential flooding and property damage.

Water main leaking

If you need water service repairs or replacements in Bergen County NJ or the surrounding areas give us a call!  At A1 Sewer & Drain, we have years of experience with underground water lines and our water line repair team knows how to quickly and effectively solve your water line leak.

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Leak detection NJ

Finding the problem is 80 percent of the fix! Call a1 leak detection nj for any pipe leaking, sewer, water, drain pipes and more.

  • service line leak detection
  • water leak detection
  • sewer leaks detections
  • under slab leak detection
  • curb valve leak repair and replacement
  • pipe leaking detection under the sidewalk

Water connection

The service water line connection from city main supply line to your house or business

The public water main lines typically run down the street in front of your house and these are maintained and repaired by your local New Jersey city or town.

The water connection lines run from the sewer main in the street to your home, sometimes called water service piping or water supply lines.  These lines run on your private property and the homeowner is responsible for maintaining and repairing these water lines.

Water service line connection is leaking

Water connection line repair in NJ

If the water connection line that runs off from your house to the water main in the street is leaking, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to engage an experienced NJ water line contractor for leaking water line repair.


Water connection lines are underground so it can be difficult to detect if you have a water leak. Some signs of a leaking water line include,

  • an unexplained increase in your water bill
  • soggy water logged spots in your yard
  • lusher spots of lawn in your yard
  • you hear sounds of running water when water is not in use


If you have noticed any of these signs of water connection line leaks, contact A1 and we can perform a leak detection inspection of the water connection line with our video camera technology and give you an accurate report on the condition of your water line.


High Pressure Mains

we also do high pressure main repair, replacement and installation. A1 can assist you with all your NJ leak water pipe service connection repair needs faster and at a lower cost! Call a1 today for FREE ESTIMATE at 201-645-0888.

Main water connection leaking repair services NJ

Main Water Line

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