Wastewater line repair in NJ

Wastewater line repair in nj may sounds like a big, expensive hassle that will disrupt your home or business, but we handle these types of jobs daily and know how to repair wastewater pipes quickly, cleanly and at a low cost.

We can excavate and replace wastewater pipes or replace an entire wastewater line in a clean professional manner and at a great price.

In addition to traditional underground wastewater pipe repair, we also trenchless pipe repair service, water line services, septic line services, drainage repairs, sewer cleaning and more.

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Wastewater pipe replacement NJ

Waste water pipe replacement is needed when your underground pipes have been damaged.   Pipe damage can be caused by many different things, including tree roots, weather, shifting soil and simply age.  If your wastewater line is older and made out of clay it can be more easily cracked by tree roots.

Tree roots are constantly looking for water and if you have any cracks or joints that vapors are coming out of the tree roots will grow toward and into the pipes, breaking through any crack in the pipes.  Clay pipes are easier for tree roots to break but over time the pressure they put on concrete and PVC pipes will also cause them to shift or break.


Underground waste water pipe replacement 

Underground waste water pipe replacement can be quick and painless if only a small area of the pipe is broken.  The broken waste water pipe can be dug up with excavation and that portion of the pipe replaced. This can take as little as one day to complete.

Bigger issues, like the deterioration of the entire length of wastewater line, changes in slope, improper installation, a belly or sag or other issues, may require complete replacement of the wastewater line.  This may be done by excavation of the pipe or trenchless methods and will usually take a few days.


Wastewater contractor & Blacktop, Concrete and Asphalt 

Blacktop and asphalt repair is part of the work of A1 plumbing team. Our plumbing and excavation team has the capacity to complete large and small excavation plumbing projects from start to finish, from waste water line repair to sewer line pipe or pit excavation and replacement to underground water line replacement.

The A1 plumbing excavation team handles all underground plumbing line service repair work at A1 from start to finish.  From excavation of the sewer or water line pipes in the most efficient way possible to pipe replacement to concrete and asphalt repair and replacement.  We will complete the job from start to finish.

The underground line repair process will include FREE ESTIMATE, as needed,:

  • Excavation of blacktop, concrete and asphalt to expose the broken or leaking underground pipes.
  • Removal of the broken pipes and replacement with new pipes, proper;y placed, sloped and filled.
  • Plumbing department inspection for permit as needed.
  • Backfill the trench with the soil that was removed.
  • Pour new blacktop, concrete and/or asphalt.

Internal wastewater sewer line replacement service NJ

We can provide you with complete service from start to finish, we will work every day for the quickest cleanest service and at the lowest price for underground pipe repair in nj.


Outdoor wastewater pipe replacement services in NJ


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