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Call A1 Utility Installation Contractors for any size of job! Get the best price and service in NJ! We are experienced in the utility installation and repair underground for all utility lines and systems in New Jersey. Utility installation contractors in NJ require firsthand experience dealing with underground utilities including storm sewers, sanitary sewers, cable, gas lines and water mains.

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Underground utility contractors for all utility lines in NJ

When dealing with underground utility installation you want a contractor that specializes in underground utilities, to ensure that your utilities are installed correctly so they will stand the test of time.

Underground utility installation:

  • sewer line
  • water
  • gas
  • electric
  • cable
  • phone
  • internet
  • power line
  • data lines
  • drain
  • drainage

#1 utility contractors NJ

If corners are cut or your contractor does not have experience laying underground sewer lines or water lines you will experience repeated costly repairs down the road.

Installation – Underground Utility Contractor NJ

For a quality utility system for your NJ residential or commercial property choose an utility installation contractor with experience in NJ,  state-of-the-art equipment and proven experience to handle any underground utility project.

Our professional utility installation crews have the experience to install water main lines, sewer lines and gas lines of all types and sizes.


We have worked on underground pipelines throughout New Jersey on all types of properties; including new homes and buildings, new connections to city utilities, and sewer and water line repairs for all types of properties. We can get the job done the correct way so your sewer or water system will last with minimal disruptions or repairs needed to the system in the future.

Underground/Installation Utility Contractors NJ is Dedicated to You!

Our team of underground utility contractors have successfully completed a variety of underground lines for private homes, commercial properties as well as local municipalities.


We are experienced in all types of underground utility construction including:

  • Sewer line installation in NJ

  • Water main installation and water line installation NJ

  • Storm water underground pipes New Jersey

  • Underground drainage installations in New Jersey

  • Underground excavations for large structures
  • Underground demolition of utility lines.


All utility lines NJ service company

  • utility line repair
  • utility lines replacement
  • new utility installation

Our team of NJ utility contractors are always available to talk to you about your utility installation options in NJ.

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If you need underground utility installation services in NJ, give us a call A1 Sewer & Drain, water main, electric or any other project for FREE advice and consultation at 201-645-0888.

Utility Installation Contractors

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