Every NJ property owner is responsible for maintaining installing or updating the sewer line that service their property. The sewer lines are installed from the property structure up to where it meets the town’s main sewer connection, which is usually in the street out front.


Sewer lines may deteriorate over time and you may need to update your sewer line at some point which could involve relining the inside of the sewer pipes to extend their life span or updating the sewer line in its entirety with sewer line replacement.

You may also have ongoing sewer problems that need fixing which could mean a simple sewer repair or a complete sewer replacement.

To update your main sewer service lines, call professional NJ main sewer contractors such as A1 to help you to determine the condition fop your sewer line and whether it needs updating or sewer repair.

The most common methods for updating a home sewer line are:

  • Sewer excavation – the existing sewer line is dug up removed and replaced
  • Pipe bursting – existing sewer lines are broken up and replaced with a new pipe
  • Pipe relining – Lining the inside of the existing sewer line with an epoxy coating




Our highly trained professional sewer contractors technicians provide sewer repair/replacement services to residential and commercial customers in Bergen County NJ and surrounding towns.  If you have any sewer line problems or are thinking of updating your sewer line you can call us anytime for a sewer line evaluation.

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