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All Type of Plumbing Pipes Repair or Replacement.

1) Irrigation Pipe Repairs

Irrigation pipes generally require very little maintenance once they are installed. However, irrigation pipes are typically made of PVC (essentially a more rigid form of plastic) and over the years it can become brittle and break.

Irrigation pipe repair

If you have an irrigation pipe that is leaking or broken contact A1 we can help you with all irrigation pipe repairs and adjustments.

2) PVC pipe repair


PVC pipe repair


Underground sewer pipe repair

underground sewer repair

Underground drainage

underground drainage repair

Underground drain repair

underground drain repair

Underground Copper Pipe

underground copper

Pex pipe leak repair

Pex pipe repair

Underground water line repair

underground water-line-repair


Underground Pipe Repair Services New Jersey

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  1. plumbing pipes replacement

    Outdoor pool plumbing pipes issue. Have 5 plumbing lines around the pool (skimmer / return lines) that are bad that require replacement. They run underground to get to/from the pool equipment