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Underfloor pipe leaks can cause substantial damage to a home, so it’s important to find them and have them repaired quickly.  Our pipe repair team are experts at underground pipe diagnosis and repair.  A huge part of our business is underfloor pipe leak detection and broken pipe replacement in NJ.

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Underfloor pipe replacement

Any Pipe Repair

We are known as underground sewer line and water line experts, but we actually provide a full lineup of pipe repair solutions:

For pipe inspection and any type of pipe repair in NJ you can rely on A1 for quality pipe repair and affordable costs.

Repair old sewer line pros
  • plumbing waste line repair
  • gas pipe repair
  • water supply line repair
  • water main pipe repair
  • electric pipe repair
  • underground pipe repair
  • above ground pipe repair
  • inside wall pipe repairs
  • under roof pipe repair
  • under concrete pipe repair
  • under slab pipe repair
  • underfloor pipe repair
  • water line pipe repair
  • basement pipe repair
  • storm drain pipe repair
  • parking lot waste lines repair

Whether you have a broken sewer pipe, a  broken slab pipe or need water pipe replacement you can be confident that we have done it many times before and our pipe repair service will be as we have stated:  high quality reliable plumbing work at fair prices.  Contact us today for a free estimate!

Locating underground pipe

To locate underground pipes and determine if there are any broken or damaged areas of pipe you should contact a NJ sewer contractor like A1 and ask for a sewer inspection.  A reputable New Jersey plumbing company will have a camera or sewer scope that they use regularly to inspect underground sewer lines and water lines.

Pipe detector service and repair

The pipe inspection is done with a special video camera that is attached to the end of a plumbing snake.  When inserted into the underground pipe, the video camera allows you to see the inside of the plumbing lines and determine their locations, whether there are any issues, such as broken pipes, pipe bellies or tree root cracked pipes.

The camera will also show the type of pipe material that was used to construct the sewer line and which will make a big difference when evaluating pipe repair options.  The results of a sewer inspection will tell you all about your underground line so you can make an educated decision about whether you want to repair broken pipes or replace the entire pipe line.

Pipe Clean Out


Fixing any pipe materials:

  • Cast iron pipe repair
  • PVC pipe repair
  • SDR
  • orangeburg pipe repairs
  • Chromed pipe repair
  • brass pipe repair
  • copper pipe repair
  • galvanized pipe repair
  • galvanized pipe replacement
  • iron pipe repair
  • copper pipe repair
  • rigid pipe repair
  • flexible pipe repair
  • clay pipe repair
  • CPVC pipe repair
  • plastic pipe repair
  • Vinyl pipe repair
  • PEX pipe repair
  • Polyethylene pipe repair
  • Black iron pipe repair

Looking with a video camera to inspect underfloor pipe leaking problems


  • pipe bursting
  • Trenchless
  • excavating
  • lining 
  • relining

Underfloor sewer line inside look

Underfloor sewer line inside look

Sewer line replacement services in New Jersey

under floor sewer
under floor sewer line replacement services in jersey city

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Underfloor pipe repairs

Service line replacement

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Pipe bursting is a great solution for old sewer lines with multiple breaks that need to

Leak under slab

The slab is the concrete foundation of your home When your home is built a thick

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We replace all types of pipes from simple water drain sewer drainage gas lines and more

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