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Why trenchless sewer line replacement ? Why sewer relining vs replacement?

Trenchless vs open cut – Trenchless vs trenching – Trenchless vs trenching sewer repair

  1. Open Cut or Conventional Trenching Sewer Repair

Open cut or conventional trenching are traditional sewer line repair methods that have been used for decades to repair underground damaged sewer pipes.

This method of pipeline repair requires opening up the surface of the ground and digging a trench to reach the buried pipeline. The damaged pipe is then manually repaired or replaced as needed and the excavated trench is backfilled and the surface restored. Sometimes this is also called “cut-and-cover” sewer line repair.

Sewer line repair clay pipe

2. Excavation

Open cut excavations can be more expensive and time consuming than trenchless sewer repair (or installation) methods as a trench has to be excavated to expose the pipe but, in many cases, conventional trenching is still the only viable method of sewer replacement.


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Trenchless sewer pipe repair NJ

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Trenchless sewer line replacement
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Trenchless sewer line repair cost

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Replacement of sewer line

  • Sewer lateral replacement pipe renewal & relining
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Repair of sewer lines or other existing underground infrastructure using trenchless pipe rehabilitation can be faster, cheaper and more effective than traditional trench excavation. Repairing, replacing or upgrading an existing sewer line that has fallen apart or is broken can be repaired with CIPP or pipe bursting with no digging and no damage to your property.

Lateral pipe repair or replacements are common in New Jersey due to its older sewer infrastructure and the decay of old lateral pipe. Sewer laterals are the underground pipe lines that connect a property to the public sewer mains. The sewer connection often passes under driveways and streets requiring excavation of the driveway or road to replace the line. Trenchless pipe relining and pipe bursting are pipe rehabilitation methods that can avoid excavation and save a lot of money on sewer repairs.

The internal inspection of the old or broken sewer line with a robotic camera is the first step of for any repair, whether by repaired by conventional trenching or trenchless methods. The camera will allow us to view the entire length of the line and view the condition of the inside of the pipe on screens. This way we can choose the most effective method of sewer line repair for your situation and evaluate sewer repair costs effectively.

#1 in Trenchless sewer line Repair

What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is the term used for a collection of sewer repair methods that do not require manual excavation of the underground pipes. These methods use existing opening to the sewer line or dig a small hole to gain access to the pipes.

There are a large variety of trenchless pipe rehabilitation techniques that can be used depending on the particular circumstances, some include:

  • Sliplining,
  • Pipe Jacking
  • Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP)
  • Pipe bursting
  • Microtunneling
  • Mmechanical spot repair
  • Pipe Ramming
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Horizontal Auger Boring (HAB)
  • Impact Moling

Trenchless NJ

How Do I Choose the Right Trenchless Method?

Trenchless techniques can be a cheaper sewer repair alternative to conventional trench excavation when seeking to repair underground sewer piping. Trenchless methods can be used to repair a damaged sewer line pipe or for full line replacement, depending on what is needed.

Factors your sewer repair contractor will need to consider when determining which sewer line repair method, he can use include whether there are obstructions on the ground surface, whether the current line slope and angle underground are viable, the age and condition of the pipe, how much of the sewer line needs to be replaced, the location of any damaged pipes, and cost.

For repair or replacement of main and lateral sewer lines in NJ the most common trenchless methods used are: Sewer Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), Horizontal Directional Drilling Method and Pipe Bursting Method.

trenchless nj – Trenchless NJ pipe services

#1 NJ Trenchless pipe services

There are two repair options available for a sewer repair and rehabilitation project in NJ.  Conventional excavation trenching and trenchless no dig rehabilitation. A significant portion of sewer repair costs can come from replacement of excavated paved areas and landscaping.  Trenchless methods can eliminate these costs and result in over 20% reduction in sewer repair costs.

Trenchless repair can be especially effective when there are only small sections of the sewer pipe line infrastructure that are broken.  Pipe relining or CIPP is a good option for localized sewer pipe repair to avoid excavation of the broken pipe and can often be completed quickly and at a low cost.

Assessing the condition of the underground sewer and water pipeline structure of a property with an internal sewer camera is critical when engaging in any type of sewer repair more invasive than a sewer cleaning. Many NJ properties have sewer line systems that are over 50 years old and may have many deteriorating pipes though they are still functioning.  The lowest cost sewer repair may be a great option today but if your sewer line is old and deteriorating it may end up costing more in the long run.


What is Sewer Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Repair?

Cured in place pipe (CIPP) is a type of pipe repair that inserts a flexible liner into the damaged pipe to coat over any cracks or holes on the inside of the pipe. The liner is usually installed via the existing accesses to the pipe so no excavation is typically required.

What is Pipe Lining or Trenchless Sewer Relining?

No dig pipe lining

Pipe lining NJ – pipe relining is another method of trenchless sewer lining repair options (and can also be used for sewer line replacement) to renew the internal surface of the line with a polymer, such as epoxy. The damaged line is repaired or replaced by installing a sleeve with liquid materials while pushing an internal sleeve and pumping air in order to expand the epoxy and push it against the pipe surface. About an hour later when the epoxy dries and becomes hard it is in the shape of the pipe and covers any pipe cracks, holes, corrosion and damage. Pipe lining or relining has disadvantages such as reducing the pipe diameter size and limits the use of cables id future sewer cleaning is needed as it can break the lining surface. Please contact us so we can match the best method of sewer line repair to your pipe condition and location.
Pipe lining is affrrdbale pipe and sewer line repair, for more information and for free advice and estimate please contact us today at 201-645-0888

What is the Horizontal Directional Drilling Method of Sewer Replacement?

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is trenchless method where a tunnel is drilled underground and a pipeline is pulled into place through the drilled underground tunnel. This technique is often use when there are surface obstructions that cannot be disturbed.

What is the Pipe Bursting Method of Sewer Repair?

Pipe bursting is used when replacing a sewer line, whether its because the pipe is old, corroded or has been damaged beyond repair. The method uses the existing sewer line opening to pull a new pipe through an existing pipe existing pipe.

A bursting head attached to the head of the new pipe will break the existing pipe and during the pull and the surrounding soil will be pushed away making room for the new pipe to replace the old one.

Do You Do Water Main Trenchless Repair or Replacement?

Yes, we do. That option is a trenchless water main method of pulling and at the same time pushing a pipe through the existing water line opening. So we can save the digging cost, hassle and property damage. Trenchless water main methods are especially useful, when there is limited access on the property or when we need to cross and replace or install a line under a street or road.
trenchless water line and trenchless water line replacement

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