Sewer Trenchless sewer repair

Trenchless sewer repair is one of the techniques we use to repair a sewer line that can make for a quicker and lower cost sewer repair under certain circumstances.

Trenchless repair methods allow us to avoid any excavation of the sewer line, so we don’t have to dig through concrete slabs, driveways or sidewalks to repair your sewer line.

Trenchless pipe lining is a quick and lasting solution to repairing a broken sewer pipe that uses a small opening to the sewer pipe to line the inside of the pipe with an epoxy lining or relining.  The sewer lining will harden and cover any cracks and break in the sewer pipe and many other types of pipe damage.

trenchless sewer pipe replacement

Sewer line cost per foot?

At A1 plumbers our sewer professionals use both excavation of the sewer line and trenchless pipe sewer repair methods depending on the circumstances. We always try to give the cheapest and most effective sewer line repair solutions and the lowest sewer line cost per foot for our residential and business customers all over NJ.

Excavation of the sewer line is often the only method of sewer repair available and generally does cost more per foot for sewer repair than trenchless methods as it may require breaking through and repairing driveways, concrete slabs or sidewalks.

Plumbers for trenchless pipe replacement in NJ

Trenchless lining sewer pipe is applied without excavating the broken pipe, so the cost of rebuilding landscaping or pavement is eliminated, and the sewer line cost per foot will be lower.


Trenchless sewer repair near me

With A1 trenchless sewer repair in NJ is a simple five step process that can typically be completed in one or two days:

  • Sewer Camera Inspection

  • We begin every sewer repair with a sewer camera inspection so we can see the inside of the sewer pipe and determine the best method of sewer repair, and in the case of trenchless, the type of lining and where to install it.
  • Sewer Cleaning.

  • We clean the sewer pipe thoroughly so that the lining will bond cleanly to the walls of the sewer pipe without any debris blocking the lining.
  • Sewer Lining.

  • We insert the lining into the pipe, making sure that it adheres cleanly to the interior walls of the sewer pipe and covers the entire area of damaged pipe. We then inflate the inside of the pipe with air so that the lining sticks to and bonds tightly with the pipe.
  • Second Video Inspection

  • At this point we run the sewer camera inspection again to make sure that the lining has properly inflated and bonded with the sewer pipe and the sewer pipe damage is all fully covered.
  • Air Release.  If the camera inspection looks good, we release all the air and the pipe should be like new and remain in good working order for decades.

Concrete slab over sewer line

Most homes and small commercial structures in NJ are built on a concrete slab foundation.  A concrete slab is concrete poured to the size of the home to serve as the foundation for the structure to be built.  Your sewer and drain lines may run underground under the slab.

If that is the case then if there is a broken pipe under this concrete slab water from the cracked pipe will flow into the ground underneath your home and cause damage to your home and its foundation.

Trenchless sewer repair under slab

It’s important to get any leaking pipes under the slab fixed right away.  Sometimes we need to excavate beneath the slab to get to the broken sewer pipe, which means breaking through the slab and then repairing it.

However, in many cases we can use trenchless sewer pipe repair methods and can avoid excavation.  Trenchless sewer repair is a modern alternative to repairing broken underground pipes without having to excavate through the slab or digging up the pipe at all.

It uses the existing openings to the pipe to run a liner through and adhere it to the walls of the inside of the pipe, effectively lining the inside and covering up any leaks, cracks or breaks.

Breaking concrete to reach the sewer leak under the slab is typically more time consuming and costly than trenchless methods but trenchless repair methods are not available in every circumstance.

Contact A1 today for an evaluation and we can give you an estimate for the options that are available to you.

trenchless sewer repair near me

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