Sewer Line with Tree Roots in Englewood NJ


We were having sewer drain issues due to root growth near our sewer line. Another sewer contractor did a sewer camera inspection and told us there were tree roots in the sewer line, but their repair estimate was so high.  The A1 estimate was several hundred dollars cheaper than the first contractor and gave us more options to remove the tree roots from the line.  They did an excellent job! Sarah Sewer

Sewer Lateral with Tree Roots in Clifton


Bought a home in Clifton that was vacant for many years, tree roots in the sewer lateral had crushed the sewer pipes in a few places made sewer line repair not realistic. I opted to replace the entire sewer line. I had a few sewer contractors out for estimates but A1 was awesome! Reasonably priced and quick work. They were very accommodating to my schedule and worked every day on time until

Tree root in sewer line?


Tree roots that have grown into the underground sewer pipe causing a sewer line blockage is very common in NJ.   When a sewer pipe is blocked most residents assume it’s just some hair or build-up that is blocking the pipe and expect a quick and cheap fix with an ordinary plumber using a sewer snake. However, tree root removal is a bit more complex and usually, even if the blockage is released

Tree Roots In Sewer Line? Call A1 for Sewer Repair in NJ


Best Sewer Tree Removal & Sewer Repairs in NJ Sewer Root Repair FREE Estimate + BEST Cost & Price for sewer/drain tree roots repair in NJ Call Now: 201.645.0888 Tree root growth is actually a major cause of blocked, cracked, and broken sewer pipes. It’s very common in New Jersey where the sewer line runs through front and backyards full of trees. Tree roots in sewer line pipes can rupture the pipe itself,

How We Remove Tree Roots from Your Sewer Line

Sewer Backups from Tree Roots

Roots In Sewer Line and Pipe Removal & Repair Same Day FREE Estimate Call Now 201-645-0888 Tree root incursion is one of the most common causes of sewer problems in New Jersey. They can cause recurring, otherwise unexplained sewer clogs; cracks in the pipes; burst sewer lines; and even sewer backflow into your home. Because they’re completely underground, and a tree can send out roots to a surprisingly long distance, tree roots

Remove Roots in Drain Pipes with Professional Sewer Service


A huge proportion of the clogged and fractured sewer lines we see on the job are caused by a seemingly unlikely issue: tree root incursion. Tree roots, of all things, are responsible for a surprising number of common residential sewer problems. If your drains keep running slowly and you can’t quite seem to unclog them, it could be a blocked-off sewer line that’s infested with roots from a nearby tree. Sewer camera