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Best Price and Service Guarantee Contact A1 today the best NJ sewer main water, drain & drainage contractors #1 sewer companies in NJ Call for the best service in NJ 201-645-0888 We are commercial and residential service contractors serving the northern NJ area. We are skilled residential plumbing service contractors and experienced New Jersey commercial plumbing and commercial sewer contractors service contractors providing repair and replacement and installation for sewer lines, water

Your Options with a Broken Sewer or Drain Pipe Repair in NJ

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Best price and service! call A1 for any broken sewer or drain pipe repair or replacement. Call us today for a FREE estimate and advice. Call Today 201-645-0888  BEST SEWER COMPANY NJ SERVICE & PRICE Dealing with a broken sewer line or drain pipe line in NJ? You actually have several options for sewer repair services to fix the problem and restoring normal water flow in your sewer or your drain pipes. Sewer

I Have to Work on Getting my Kids to be The Clogged Toilet Next Halloween!


Ha! Ha! Funny Halloween Costume! They should put a bunch of random things in the bag so its a  sewer line clogged with funny stuff. Can’t even tell you the funny things we often find when we do sewer cleaning here in New Jersey. Kids often throw things in the toilet or stuff gets into the sewer line accidentally causing clogged drains. Sometimes items that people accidentally leave in their clothes pockets