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Leaking pipe causes your water meter to run even when you don’t use any utilities.  leaking in supply service pipe between the supply main water shutoff valve or curb valve and the town service line Running water from meter to house in NJ: We service all types of water meters including all size commercial and residential Repair running water isseus and leak repair Replacement of water meeter New meter installation install water main regulator Running

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Sewer and Water Line Services If you have been experiencing problems with your water or sewer lines it is possible that you have a broken water line or sewer line in the underground pipes at your home or business.  The only way to find the source of the problem is to have a camera inspection of your underground water lines and sewer lines to see the condition of your pipes. At A1

Sewer and Water Leak Detection Services in NJ


Underground leaky pipes? Sudden spikes in your water bill, dripping sounds, visible discoloration on walls, and other problems can point to a hidden water pipe leak somewhere in your home. Like indoor plumbing pipes, sewer laterals can also develop cracks and holes that leak out water or sewer, increasing the likelihood of flooding the area or even make damage in house foundation, basement. At A1 Sewer & Water leak detection services, our