Water Main Leak Detection Line in NJ


Need water main leak detection service in New Jersey? Call A1 at 201-645-0888 for an underground water line inspection and a free quote. Water Main Leak Service in NJ If you have a water main leak in your underground water line you should obtain a water line inspection as soon as possible.  The longer you wait the larger the leak damage can be. If its a small leak it can usually be

Curb Valve Replacement NJ


Curb valve (for water main line) replacement in NJ has unique requirements as the valve is typically located on, or close to, public right-of-ways which is not on private property.  Typically the home’s connection to the public water main will need to be shut off and permits will be required. Curb stop valve replacement should always be done by a licensed and insured plumber that you trust as it can be an

Main Water Line Tapping – Water Main Tapping Contractors


For complete water line tapping solutions in New Jersey you can count on A1. We can help with wet tapping, hot tapping, live tapping, tapping with a sleeve, water line tap installation, water tap connection, water line tap repair, valve repair, water line tap replacement and other related tapping services. Call us today if you need a NJ contractor for water line tapping services. Save yourself time and money by choosing a

Plumbers for Water Leak Repair in NJ


NJ Water Leak and Pipe Damaged Repair Company Need Water Leak Repair in NJ? Call an NJ Plumber Any time at A1 Sewer & Drain + Water Main Services  24/7 Call Today: 201-645-0888 Water damage from leaking plumbing pipes is a major cause of homeowner’s claims and property damage in north NJ.  Although some water damage claims are associated with natural disasters, damage from plumbing or sewer line problems is far more common. Because