Main Sewer Pipe Connection Installation – Plumbing line Installations in NJ


Need Main Sewer Line in Connection Installation NJ? Call us today at A1 Sewer & Drain Services 201-645-0888 For new sewer line installation or sewer line replacement, you may need a permit before the contractors begin work. There are also additional costs associated with sewer main connections. You may need to pay a sewer district connection fee to the city, which can be starting as low as $2,000 . There is also an application

Public Sewer Main to Street Connection in NJ


Public Sewer  Public Sewer mains typically run through the streets in NJ and each property has a separate lateral sewer connection that runs from the building or house on the property to the public sewer line in the street. Building a drain or sewer to connect to the city public sewer main requires a permit and inspection from your town’s building department. A1 can make sewer line from the house to street