DEP Notices for Water or Sewer Leak Repair for NJ Property

dep-violation notice for-leaking water sewer pipe

Hello, if you receive a notice from the New Jersey Department of Environmental (the DEP) that you have a water leak on your NJ property you may be shocked and have a lot of questions.  We can help you understand any notices for water leak repair for NJ properties and explain what needs to be done. Typically, the DEP sends out a notice to a property owner if it has determined that

Water Meter Running When Main Service Line Leaking NJ


Leaking pipe causes your water meter to run even when you don’t use any utilities.  leaking in supply service pipe between the supply main water shutoff valve or curb valve and the town service line Running water from meter to house in NJ: We service all types of water meters including all size commercial and residential Repair running water isseus and leak repair Replacement of water meeter New meter installation install water main regulator Running

Water Main Leak Detection Line in NJ


Need water main leak detection service in New Jersey? Call A1 at 201-645-0888 for an underground water line inspection and a free quote. Water Main Leak Service in NJ If you have a water main leak in your underground water line you should obtain a water line inspection as soon as possible.  The longer you wait the larger the leak damage can be. If its a small leak it can usually be

Main Water Line Replacement Contractor NJ


 BEST PRICE for water main line replacement NJ Don’t pay an arm and a leg prices for main water line repair or water line replacement in NJ. Local experienced NJ water main plumbers. It may feel like water line replacement nj is going to turn your NJ home or business upside down, but with an experienced water pipe replacement company in NJ like A1 we can make the process of water line

Underground Pipe Repair in NJ

underground pipe repair

Call A1 today to get the best price and service for any underground pipe repair or replacement 201-645-0888 All Type of Plumbing Pipes Repair or Replacement. 1) Irrigation Pipe Repairs Irrigation pipes generally require very little maintenance once they are installed. However, irrigation pipes are typically made of PVC (essentially a more rigid form of plastic) and over the years it can become brittle and break. If you have an irrigation pipe

Water Connection Line Leaking in NJ


Best Price in Town + Same Day Service Call Today: 201-645-0888 Water connection line leaking in nj? A1’s water line repair team can help!   Call A1 water main services today for any water wain issues! We guarantee the best price and services in NJ! Main water connection line leaking NJ A water connection line leaking in your NJ home is a plumbing problem you want to get fixed right away.   If not

Curb Valve Replacement NJ


Curb valve (for water main line) replacement in NJ has unique requirements as the valve is typically located on, or close to, public right-of-ways which is not on private property.  Typically the home’s connection to the public water main will need to be shut off and permits will be required. Curb stop valve replacement should always be done by a licensed and insured plumber that you trust as it can be an