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#1 Piping Contractors in New Jersey Our team at A1 Sewer are experts in sewer, water and other underground pipe repairs, pipe replacement pipe installation in NJ.   We can diagnose your underground piping situation accurately.   We use a variety of methods of pipe repair and will determine the cheapest and most effective way to fix/repair your underground line pipe. We may use one or all of these methods to repair your

Belly in Sewer Line – Call Sewer Plumber for All Plumbing Sewer in NJ


A belly in the sewer line can be caused by a number of factors and can result in a sewer line that is blocked, collapsed or not working at all. Broken pipes, unstable soil, and other problems can cause a belly in the sewer line, interrupting water flow and putting the pipe at risk of clogging. A belly in the sewer line is a low spot, where part of the pipe has