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New Jersey property owners need pipe repairs to their water supply and disposal sewer systems for a variety of reasons, including broken underground pipes, tree roots in the sewer line or water lines, –cracked water/sewer lines – leaking sewer/damaged drainage pipes.

 Near me sewer plumbing services in NJ

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replace sewer
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When these sewer problems occur, quick and efficient repairs to wastewater disposal systems, subsurface sewage disposal systems, potable water systems like sewer line repair, water line repair or drainage line repair may save you from the expense of sewer line replacement.

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1. sewer

Sewer repair or replacement expert in NJ

Separation in clay pipe. sewer pipe replacement is necessary

Replace tile sewer line

Tile or clay sewer line is the old piping that are no longer in use.

  • Sewer leak repair
  • best sewer replacement cost
  • pipe separation
Repair sewer line at the best cost in NJ

2. water and sewer lines service contractors NJ

  • For water line lookout for a sudden increase in your water bill, which indicates there is a leak or other residue discharged from the waterline.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to repair all manner of underground pipes taking into account the best options for the proper location,  alteration, repair and operation of your water or sewage disposal systems.
  • water main installation from curb to the house
  • water leak repair on water service line from the house to the street

3. drain

Main drain services such as. repair, replacement or redirect pipe line. We do it by all methods, lining pipe or pipe bursting and trenchless non digging methods.

4. drainage

  • sewer drainage or drain
  • road drainage
  • parkinglot drainage
  • street drainage lines
  • manhole drainage
  • backyard drainage repair
  • drainage under curb
  • front yard drainage


5. Plumbing

Whether it’s sewer, water, drain or drainage lines that have caused you to seek emergency pipe repair, A1 sewer handles for you.

Sewer line issues repair

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Leaking sewer pipe

Water pipe repair near me

Underground pipe repairs in New Jersey can be done in a variety of ways, from traditional water pipe tapping to sewer excavation line to trenchlesstrenchless pipe repair and pipe relining.

Drainage line repair near me

sewer repair near me

Sewer repair near me

At A1 we use all of these types of underground pipeline repair methods depending on the problem with your line/pipe, water overflow points, cross-connections, where they are located underground and your budget.

Near me sewer inspection after repair is completed

Trenchless Contractors near me

#1 Trenchless pipe repair company in new jersey with 2 trenches or no digging line trenches sewer construction for home and business.


Trenchless Repair

  • Trenchless sewer repair
  • Trenchless water main line repair
  • trenchless sewer repair nj
  • sewer line repair nj trench-less sewer repair
  • Electrical pipe trenchless in NJ
  • Utility pipe trench less
  • no dig line replacement
  • no dig pipe repair


No dig line replacement in Teaneck NJ

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As #1 sewer contractors in NJ are committed to providing the most affordable pipe repair solutions that will solve your problem and be long-lasting and provide effective pipe and connecting fixtures to convey water or sewage from the internal plumbing system of any improved property to the appropriate cleanout.


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  • Main line repair co in north jersey NJ
  • repair-sewer-company-near-me
  • All size sewer line repairssewer replacementssewer installations


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Inspection | scope

ask about our inspection service before any repair or replacement.


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water Leak repair near me

NJ sewer services near me

Cost of repair sewer lateral in NJ


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Repair sewer line services in NJ

Near me sewer lining in NJ

Sewer pipe relining service plumbers NJ

Cracked / Brokencast iron sewer line that caused sewer issues


Inside look of the sewer line with camera in jersey city

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Trenchless sewer repair near me

if you are looking into trenchless pipe lining near me services

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Trenchless pipe lining near me services

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sewer repair companies near me


trenchless sewer line repair cost near me


Septic line repair cost near me


Cost of sewer line repair near me


sewer line replacement cost

cracked sewer pipe repair

sewer line repair options

  • trenchless
  • pipe lining
  • relining
  • bursting
  • spot repair


sewer line repair sleeve


sewer sleeve cost

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Sewer lines and drain lines can vary considerably in age and are susceptible to various kinds

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