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At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we’re New Jersey’s top experts in sewer repair, sewer replacement, drain pipe repair, and more. We also offer sewer welding and fabricating services in NJ. For sewer line installation or extensive sewer pipe repairs, we may need to weld cast iron or copper, or to solvent weld PVC sewer pipes.

Our team of seasoned local contractors have years of experience safely welding sewer pipe lines together. We’re available for residential, commercial, and even municipal sewer services. For a free diagnosis and cost estimate, or for 24-hour emergency sewer repairs in NJ, call us any time at 201-645-0888.

Joining Sections of PVC Pipe: Sewer Welding NJ

While traditional welding is used for metal sewer pipe fabrication in NJ, different approaches are required for plastics like PVC and ABS. These modern plastics are very well suited for wastewater plumbing: they’re lightweight, durable, and far more resistant to chemical corrosion than most metals. To join together sections of PVC pipe for sewer installation or sewer line replacement in NJ, we use solvent welding.

Solvent welding allows us to join sections of PVC and other plastic pipes together using a compound called solvent cement. These are a mixture of solvents and plastic resins, and they’re designed to weld plastic together with a strong, leak-resistant bond.

It works because the solvents penetrate the surfaces of the pipe and fitting, softening them and causing them to swell up. The swelling continues until gaps between the pipe and fitting are closed. Remaining gaps can be filled up with resin, preventing underground water leaks. The solvents eventually evaporate, leaving the two plastic pieces joined into one continuous piece of pipe.

Solvent welding for sewer pipes can vary in setting time. For small pipes, it can take as little as half an hour. For large sewer lines, it could take up to a week.

Solvent cements for sewer welding come in three basic types:

  • PVC, used with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes and fittings. This plastic is commonly used in drinking water pipes, drainage, and sewer laterals.
  • CPVC for CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipes. This variant of PVC is especially useful for hot water applications, where water temperatures can get up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ABS, used on ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pipes.

Furthermore, there are three principle grades of solvent welding cement:

  • Regular body, with a consistency similar to cooking oil. This is used with smaller plumbing and drainage pipes, under 3″ in diameter. It’s quite cost-effective and easy for contractors to work with.
  • Medium body, with the consistency of heavy duty engine oil. This grade of solvent cement is used in 3-6″ pipes.
  • Heavy body, which is as thick as honey. This is best for large pipes over 8″ in diameter.

The size of the pipe will determine not only the grade of cement and the time that the solvent cement takes to cure, but also the technique that sewer plumbers in NJ will use to ensure a tight fit and complete evaporation of the solvents. It’s important that the solvent doesn’t dry before contractors have finished coating the pipe.

It needs to be fluid to act as a lubricant, fill gaps between the pipe and the fitting, and prevent leaks. Faulty sewer welding in NJ can allow sand, debris, and bacteria into the pipe, as well as letting water out.

Solvent cement is flammable, so when working with it, plumbers take suitable precautions. It’s stored carefully, away from ignition sources, in well-ventilated areas. Gloves and eye protection are needed.

Solvent cement is surprisingly strong. Lap shear testing has demonstrated joint strength in solvent welded PVC pipe of over 250 lbs per square inch. The pipe walls can fail before the joints, but this happens at temperatures above 180F and intense pressures over 900 PSI. These temperatures and pressures would not be found in a typical PVC sewer or drain pipe.

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At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we’re experienced local sewer welding and sewer fabrication contractors. We provide new sewer line installation and sewer line replacement for aging pipes throughout north NJ. Call us today for same-day service, at 201-645-0888.

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