Sewer system repair NJ – 24 hours of any sewer system repair in NJ we can take care of all permit and paper work with the town for you for any sanitary system sewer and wastewater system.

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We provide all sewer systems repair including pipe ends, rubber rings, and couplings in sewer systems. We follow the plumbing code for systems in NJ.  cleaned prior to and during the jointing operation. Prior to lowering the pipes for sewer systems line installation, the surfaces of the joint rings shall be wiped clean and the joint rings and rubber gasket shall be liberally lubricated with an approved type of vegetable oil soap.

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The spigot end, with the gasket placed in the grove, shall be entered into the bell of the pipe already laid, making sure that both pipes are properly aligned.

Pipe ends shall be protected from damage by equipment used to “home” the pipe. Before the joint is fully “home”, the position of the gasket in the joint shall be determined by means of a suitable feeler gauge supplied by the pipe manufacturer.

If the gasket is found not to be in proper condition, the pipes shall be separated and the damaged gasket replaced.

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H. The open ends of pipe lines, when pipe laying is not in progress, shall be closed to keep out
foreign material, and care shall be taken at all times to exclude such material.

I. Bedding shall be shaped to fit the lower part of the pipe for at least 10 percent of the outside
diameter of the pipe. Minimum thickness of bedding material under pipe after shaping and
compacting shall be 6 inches. The lower segment of pipe shall be in contact with the bedding
throughout its full length.

J. The laying of pipe shall begin at the downstream end and progress in the upstream direction. Pipe
with bell and spigot type joints shall be laid with bells upstream, pipe with tongue and groove type
joints shall be laid with the grooves upstream and pipe with hub and plain end type joints shall be
laid with the hubs upstream.

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Sewer systems pipes is inspected before any sewer repair or replacement.


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