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Collapsed sewer pipe repair is a serious emergency that requires immediate sewer repair services from a professional contractor. This phenomenon occurs when the pipe loses its structural integrity, after being gradually weakened over a longer period of time.

At this point, the soil above it collapses into the broken sewer pipe, completely obstructing the flow of wastewater and causing misaligned pipe with serious sewage backup fix into your plumbing.

Sewer line replacement or sewer line repair in New Jersey are needed immediately to prevent any damage to your plumbing, fixtures, and property.

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Sewer Repair in NJ

A collapsed sewer pipe can occur for any of several common reasons. Much of the time, the occurrence is a complete surprise to homeowners, and it seems to happen out of nowhere.

Actually, the damage that causes a collapsed sewer pipe has usually been building up over a long period of time. The most common reasons for a sudden sewer pipe collapse include:

  • Tree roots. Large trees on your property, like oaks and birches, have sprawling root networks that are constantly expanding. Tree roots are prone to growing into, and around, your sewer line — which attracts them with moisture and nutrients. The trees damage the sewer line itself, as well as eroding the surrounding soil that holds the pipes in place. If the root growth inside sewer pipe line makes it inside through a tiny crack or opening, it can eventually lead to a collapsed sewer pipe. You can help prevent tree root damage by installing barriers that separate
  • Misaligned joints. If the pipe joints are misaligned, they’ll require sewer pipe repair. Otherwise, they allow small amounts of wastewater to escape, which erodes the supporting soil. Over time, as the pipes lose the support from the soil, they will begin to buckle downward. Eventually, the pipe will collapse completely, leading to an emergent situation.
  • Outdated, aging pipe. There’s a particular type of sewer pipe known as “Orangeberg pipe.” Made from compressed tar paper, it was popular during the 1940s, when WWII led to metal shortages because of the war effort. Orangeburg pipe degrades after decades of use, often causing collapsed sewer pipes when it can no longer hold together. If your home was built during the 1940s and its sewer system hasn’t bee renovated since then, you could be at risk of collapsed sewer pipes.
  • Nearby Construction or Landscaping. If you have recently done any construction work in your yard or heavy landscaping, like removing or re-locating trees or bushes this could have moved soil that was holding up the structure of the underground pipes.

Very often if its only an area of the pipe has collapsed and it is caused by an external reason, like tree roots or construction, we can do spot excavation repair and replace just the broken area of pipe.   Sometimes this can be cheaper than trenchless pipe repair.


If most of the pipes are collapsed or the line is corroded or made out of outdated pipe, then it usually makes more sense to do a complete sewer line replacement and have a new sewer line that will last another 50 years.

If you’re buying a home built in that time period, you may also want to order a sewer inspection to check for sewer pipes condition. If they’re present on the property, you’ll probably want to have them replaced with newer, more modern sewer lines, which are more effective and have better construction.

Emergency sewer repair for collapsed line in NJ

Emergency sewer repair in NJ is often needed when a sewer pipe collapses.

If you have a collapsed sewer pipe, you’ll probably notice that areas of your property become waterlogged.

Plumbing and fixtures will back up and clog, and you might also notice sewage smells. Don’t wait to fix collapsed sewer pipes; this situation needs to be taken care of immediately.

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