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Call us today to get free advice regarding your sewerage system and an estimate for the best price and service for any sewer line repairs! Sewer repair in nj may be expensive and difficult if you choose to work with an ordinary plumber or an inexperienced sewer line repair NJ company. Many sewer repair companies specialize in only trenchless sewer repair and will always recommend that type of no dig sewer repair for your sewer line problem. We specialize in all size and types of sewer pipe main repair, sewer drain repair, sewer root repair, excavation and all types of trenchless methods and we will recommend the best method for you that will provide reliable long lasting sewer pipe repair NJ and at the lowest cost in NJ!

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If you experience any sewer issues of any kind and you want to solve it once and for all at a very reasonable price and with outstanding excellent service please reach out to us at the following A1 phone number 24/7 and we will do our best to provide you with an accurate truthful solution and best sewer service.

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As a long time sewer line repair company contractors in New Jersey, we have over 25 years of experience working with wastewater sewer pipes, drains, underground pipes, drainage lines and main water pipe repair and replacement in New Jersey.

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If you’re having problems with your NJ home’s sewer or main drain such as a damaged sewer line, don’t wait to call #1 sewer plumber repairs. The problem will only get worse, and messier, as time goes on. Call A1 an experienced NJ sewer repair contractors at A1 Sewer & Drain for fast, reliable emergency sewer repair, sewer cleaning and more, throughout New Jersey.

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Our selections of home/residential and commercial sewer line repair, replacement and installation for water lines, drain and sewer services are affordable and in NJ includes any solution for sewer pipe repair in NJ:

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We’re available for sewer cleaning with hydro jetting, sewer line repairs, sewer repair coupling in most areas of New Jersey such as Bergen county, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Orange, Union, Essex and Middlesex counties in NJ.

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NJ sewer line repair

A sewer or drain repair line in nj might be a small or large job, either way you want an experienced, highly trained professional nj sewer lines repairs company. With our experience, knowledge, and modern technology, we can repair any sewer lateral discharge drain pipe problem in new jersey at a lower cost (sometimes up to 30% off!) and also minimize the time that your home or facility is out of use. Some of our NJ sewer repair service technicians have sewer repair and sewer installation experience of over 25 years and have worked on projects in the past with many variations of main sewer or drain repairs underground, so we can save you time by doing only what’s necessary and give you the BEST PRICE and SERVICE to complete it right!

What about other sewer repair companies?

Many sewer contractors in new jersey push heavily for trenchless sewer repairs because that is their main area of expertise, arguing that trenchless no dig sewer repair is cheaper and cleaner than sewer repair by excavation. This is sometimes the case, but very often it may be cheaper to do an excavation spot repair in the area of the damaged sewer pipe and repair only the broken area of the sewer line instead of re-lining the entire sewer line.

Repair main sewer line with root intrusion

This is when it’s beneficial to work with an experienced sewer line repair company that offers a variety of sewer solutions and can offer you the cheapest reliable sewer line solution available.

We have worked extensively installing and repairing a range of different types of privately owned conduits for disposal of domestic sewage; (1) most often we work with private property connections to the infrastructural sewer line systems: (2) sometimes we work with private properties that are not connected to the municipal sewerage and drainage system but have a private bacterial tank or other disposal lines and terminal for dispose of waste material and (3) in some cases we have encountered new environmental sustainability methods of mains sewer drainage and indoor plumbing lines.

We have repaired all types of plumbing systems of pipes, tanks, fittings, and other apparatus for private lateral connections to public sewer systems and underground horizontal piping.  Common repairs, include:

  • Corrosion and oxidation of pipe materials
  • Underground fluid leakage in the piping sewer and lateral line system
  • Capacity is too low for intended use municipalities require an upgrade to pipe diameter to increase rate of sewer/gray water flow
  • Replacement of  clay sewer line/pipe that has broken due to its vitrified nature with cheaper “PVC” pipe or  impenetrable cast iron pipe
  • Broken pipes caused by expansion and contraction of the pipe resulting from temperature changes
  • Subterranean pipe collapse resulting from soil shifts or nearby construction exertions.
  • Tree root infiltration (roots intrusion in sewer line ) of below ground pipelines through joints and joint components intended to connect one pipe to another or a pipe to a fitting.

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Sewer problems? pipe repair needed? when is the city responsible for sewer lines? we can help you solve any sewer problems in a short time and at an affordable cost. Any water main/waterline main and sewer repair or replacement, sewer installation or septic at an affordable low cost and in the minimum time frame for any type of properties such as:

  • Residential/Home
  • Commercial
  • Parking lot & private roadway
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Apartments/Multi family homes

Sewer replacement or repair in New Jersey

Before you do any work, have A1 sewer contractor run a sewer video camera through the sewer lateral line and find the exact problem.

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We are able to tell you exactly what the sewer problem is and where it is in the line. No guesswork…

NJ sewer repair

Broken sewer

A broken sewer line can be difficult to diagnose in a timely matter as your sewer and drain line is underground. Usually, a broken sewer will cause repeated backed up sewer lines and this is one of the most common ways we know that the sewer line needs to be investigated. Usually, a homeowner will have a sewer backup and call plumbers to unclog the line again and again. At that point it becomes clear that there is something wrong with the line and a sewer lateral inspection is needed. Then you can shop around and get estimates knowing exactly what is wrong and don’t have to worry about contractors with different opinions about what the issue is.

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Line obstruction

With pipe obstructions, ordinary plumbers will unclog the backed up lateral line and the homeowner will move on. A day, week or month later, however, the sewer line will be clogged again. This indicates that there is some problem with the sewer/drain, drainage line, like a damaged broken sewer pipe, tree roots in the line or a sewer belly. That’s when you need to call an experienced NJ sewer company like us.

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We also a service provider for Municipal sewer repair nj projects.

Sewer pipe repair and sewer replacement cost in NJ

We specialize in nj sewer pipe repair. Using cutting edge technology, we focus on fixing sewer problems in a way that’s as noninvasive and/or as low cost as possible for the homeowner. Some other companies might charge a fortune to run or replace a new sewer pipe because of a broken pipe, instead of doing local repairs, or using smart techniques so as not to dig up and replace the entire line.

Sanitary sewer repair and sewer replacement

Sewer repair requires experience and knowledge of all the possible sewer repair techniques and how they run in reality, not in theory. Trench less sewer repair is sometimes the quickest cheapest sewer repair method for some broken sewer lines, but in many cases its not an option at all or not the lowest cost sewer repair option. With modern trenchless sewer repair techniques like sewer pipe relining in nj our nj sewer contractors can usually fix the problem without tearing up your yard. But sometimes the quickest and cheapest sewer repair option in nj is the old fashioned solution of digging up a few feet of the broken sewer line and replacing the broken sewer pipe rather than trenchless sewer pipe replacement for all or some of the sewer lines.

NJ Sewer

We take a lot of things into consideration when we’re planning for a New Jersey sewer pipe repairs job, including:

  • Your lawn. No one wants to deal with huge, unsightly holes on their lawn. If you’re like many New Jersey homeowners, you take great pride in a lush, well-maintained lawn. We’ll keep your grass safe while we’re repairing your sewer problems.
  • Your gardens and landscaping. Don’t worry, we won’t dig up your garden to repair your sewer lines. With A1 trenchless repair service, your trees, flowers, and plants won’t be affected by our sewer repair work.
  • Your driveways, patios, and other concrete areas. In the past, sewer repair or replacement contractors companies sometimes had to damage a homeowner’s patio or driveway to access thesewer lateral line. Fortunately, this is largely a thing of the past. Tearing up your driveway is a messy, expensive problem, but it hardly ever happens anymore– even if your sewer is located below it.
Sewer pipe repair

If you don’t have many obstructions above the sewer lateral line, like patios, porches or driveways, sewer repair by trench excavation is probably going to be the cheaper sewer repair method. Excavation is still usually a lower cost sewer repair method but if you have to break and rebuild a driveway or deck to excavate the line those costs may increase the price of sewer repair to the point that trenchless is a cheaper sewer repair option. You want an experienced sewer repair company nj to help you when you have a problem with your sewer lateral pipe. Experience is really what matters, an experienced sewer contractor nj will have seen it all and know how to get around the obstacles unique to your property and your sewer line problem.

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NJ sewer line repair service plumbers for best cost price and most importantly on time!

Many sewer companies in NJ will give you a low estimate knowing that once they dig underground they can present you with a new can of worms… or they present you with a new can of worms later because what they thought they saw on the sewer video inspection was not what they found in reality. Sewer repair and sewage line replacements requires a lot of technical knowledge and experience solving sewer problems for properties in NJ. Don’t get caught with an inexperienced sewer lines replacement in NJ company contractors, Call A1 sewer today!


Inside look at manhole with ongoing sewer problems as sewer line need to be repair

Need old pipe line repaired or replaced ?

Older sewer pipe don’t necessarily need to be changed. Our experienced NJ sewer and drain contractors can repair damaged Crack/buckle/shifting sewer pipes so that they can be used for another 20 years!


Sewer inspection camera before any repair

It really depends on the situation and components of the problem, and every sewer replacement or repair job is unique. call us today for FREE advice and cost pipe repair and estimate we can save you many $$$…


Broken/damaged clay pipe repair or replacement in NJ?

Get the best price and service for any broken or damaged pipe repair or replacement. We fix or replace broken pipe/damaged clay pipe repair or replacement in NJ better and faster!

Cracked sewer line spot repair and replacement – the pipe is cast iron that caused sewer leak into the house and needs to be replaced.

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Service replacement or repair of any pipe type and size..


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Line repair

Sewer line repair under house

Are you looking for affordable sewer line repair or sewer line replacement and don’t know how to get started?  Sewer line repairs or replacements can be an easy/simple job or get complicated and it mainly depends on the sewer company that you are dealing with.  The first step is to recognize the root of the sewer problem.  After we know what the problem looks like then we can offer you a variety of sewer repair solutions, minimizing your cost of sewer repair to the minimum without reducing any of the quality of the materials that need to be used or the labor.

A. How can you find out what is the cause of the sewer line issues? Besides our many years of experience, we use advanced sewer line diagnostic tools to inspect, scan and look into the pipe condition with a video camera, scanner and sometimes a locator, which allows us to see underground on a screen what is stopping the water from easily flowing through the line with no interruption. Following are some of the reasons of sewer line issues we see after sewer line inspections:

– roots in the pipe

– opening or pipe exposure, such as cracked pipes

-pipe with a broken structure or surface that is pulling mud into the line

Sewer pipe repair near by – Replace sewer pipe under house

B.  When it comes to sewer line repair you need to know that there are a variety of “opinions” that can get expensive if the plumber that investigates the sewer issues does not have sufficient and quality sewer diagnostic equipment.  That means that the sewer service for non-specialty in sewer, drain and piping plumbers may be much more expensive, more complicated and will take a much longer time  to repair or replace or reline a pipe (we can usually get it done between a few hours to the end of the day, so by sunset your line is completely repaired or replaced and you can forget that you even had any issue).


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A1 Sewer Repair & Replacement services in NJ can assist with “Sewer line” by Excavation or any pipe repair as Trenchless Sewer Repair – Water Line Repair services and “near me” “sewer line repair” services NJ.

We can help you repair broken or “cracked pipes”, “install a new sewer line”, repair a leaking water line and provide you with a reliable “trenchless pipe repair” solution for any underground plumbing line with “tree roots” in “sewer problems” you are having.

When your plumber has found a “sewer line” that is cracked or “leaking”, you can depend on us to find the most cost effective pipe repair or main drain line replacement contractors company service solutions for commercial or “municipal”, whether by conventional trench “excavation” or one of the many “sewer trenchless” sewer line “repair” “pipe” methods.

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  1. We have a broken storm drain pipe going from the house to the street and would like a FREE estimate on replacing the pipe or installing a sump pump

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    I have some drainage problem on my long driveway, would like to replace 4 inch pipe to 6 inch pipe over 100 foot. And large concrete drain basin Let me know if you service Jersey City area

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  5. pump discharge line replacement in front yard backs up. No issues with the pump or getting the water out of the basement, issue is just the line running under the front yard to the sewer.

  6. Looking to repair/replace our driveway drainage or sewer pipe. It can handle light rain but during heavy or long periods of rain it floods the driveway

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    We are in the process of purchasing a house and during the home inspection, we had sewer damage seen in the detached single car garage. No damage was found around the house, just the garage. We are looking to get a quote to determine how much it would cost to get this repair and confirm there are no active issues. The inspector said he did not see evidence of active leak, but said we should get this checked out by professional to confirm.

  8. hello. do you service the Bergen county area? I am a listing agent for a home that is under contract. the sewer system failed and there is a new sewer line in the street. can you tell me if you service bergen and what is involved in getting an estimate? Mick, Keller Williams