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The sewer repair process always begins with a video camera inspection of the sewer line to determine the cause and location of the problem, only then will we be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and reliable estimates of the cost for any sewer repair solution.

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Proper Sewer Installation will help avoid Sewer Repair Blockages

Sewer line blockages are caused by a variety of factors, debris, tree roots, faulty sewer line installation or broken sewer pipes. Most plumbing contractors will first use a sewer snake to clear the line.  If that doesn’t work then they will conduct a video camera inspection in order to locate the cause and location of the blockage. When the cause of the sewer blockage is identified as something other than random degree, sewer repair options will likely be needed. In extreme cases where sewer installation was improper and fixing the sewer line slope is required sewer replacement may be needed.

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Sewer Problems when sewer line clogged very often

Don’t Wait for Sewer Replacement

A backup once in a while is very normal and a sewer cleaning is good maintenance for your sewer line. However, frequent sewer problems like sewer line clogs indicates that you have a break or other damage in the sewer line.  If this is the case you should have the sewer line inspected with a camera right away as if a broken pipe is left unrepaired it can get bigger and require more sewer repair line or even sewer replacement in the end.

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Tree root intrusion sewer pipe NJ

Sewer Repair for Tree Root Damaged Pipe

When there are repeated backups in a sewer line a sewer contractor should be contacted to perform a closed-circuit television inspection of the main and lateral sewer to view the inside of the line and the cause for the sewer defect.

The videotape observations will see the defects in the pipe construction of the sewer lines.  Often when there are repeated sewer clogs the defects will be one or more pipes that are cracked or damaged because of the presence of an external object bearing upon the pipe, such as tree roots.

Tree roots will grow toward the water in the pipe and put pressure on the pipe in an attempt to get at the water. Eventually they break through the pipe and grow inside the sewer line causing clogs and additional cracked pipes.



Tree roots can be removed by mechanical auger or hydrojetting:

  • a mechanical auger is a cable with a cutter heads that is pushed down the sewer line to cut  up the roots so they can be pulled or flushed out.
  • hydro-jetting is a water hose that emits very high-pressure that can break up the tree roots inside the pipe.


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