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Most people don’t have much need to think about their sewer lines until they stop working. When your sewer line is blocked or broken it can seem like a major problem as the sewer line is underground and you can’t see what the problem really is.

At this time you want to call a professional sewer line contractor who will know exactly how to find out what’s wrong and then determine the best solution to your sewer line problem.

Solving Sewer Problems

The first thing to do when you have a sewer line problem is a main sewer line inspection with a small sewer camera.  We will run the small sewer camera through the line to see the inside of the pipes and see what is causing the problems.


Don’t begin any sewer repairs with any sewer company in NJ without a camera inspection.  Guessing what is wrong with your sewer line, without a visual inspection of the underground sewer line, can cost you hundreds, even thousands in unnecessary sewer repairs.

When we have seen for ourselves what the problem is we can make a recommendation on whether sewer line cleaning, sewer repair or sewer replacement is your best option.

We will sit down with you to explain all of your options and schedule a time for your sewer service.  Typically it only takes one or two days to repair a sewer line and have your home’s pipes running efficiently again.

Sewer Service in NJ

The camera inspection could find simply some debris or that its just a sewer line clog.


But if you have had a similar issue recently or the sewer clog was not able to be cleared with a sewer line snake its very likely that we will find some sewer line damage.  The most common sewer problems we find include:

  • Sewer pipe has cracked or is broken
  • Tree roots have broken a sewer pipe
  • Old cast iron or clay pipes are breaking
  • A sewer belly or misaligned pipes have made a valley
  • Broken joints or seals between pipes
  • Ground shifts have cracked, broken or collapsed pipes


Choose the Best in Sewer Repair in NJ

There are a variety of sewer repair options depending on the sewer problem and its location.  Access to the affected pipe will make a big difference as well as the extent of the problem.  If its just one spot with a broken pipe or if there are more extensive sewer problems with the line.

Repair options range from traditional sewer pipe excavation to trenchless sewer methods, relining, pipe bursting or directional drilling.

Traditional Sewer Pipe Excavation

If you choose the option for sewer line repair by excavation, we will excavate a trench to expose the  sewer line so we can remove the existing broken sewer pipes.  If the location of your broken sewer pipe is underneath your driveway, patio, sidewalk or any significant landscaping, these will be destroyed in the excavation and will have to be redone afterwards.


Once the old sewer pipes are exposed we will remove and dispose of them.  We will then install new sewer pipes, seal the new pipes and test them.  Then we fill in the excavated trench with the same soil that was removed.

Sewer Problems? Save Money with Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer line repairs can be a great option because they do not require digging up the old sewer line so we do not have to destroy any landscaping or patios or driveways.


Sewer relining lines the inside of the sewer pipe with an epoxy coating that will dry creating new pipe within the existing pipe.



The epoxy covers all cracks and holes and will restore function to your main sewer line. Pipe bursting, uses a hydraulic machine to push a new pipe through your existing sewer pipe, breaking the existing sewer pipe and leaving a new pipe in its place.

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