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Sewer Manhole Problems and Repairs in NJ

Sewer manholes are prone to a variety of problems, and they occasionally require sewer manhole repair service from a NJ plumber who specializes in sewer and drain services.

One of the main problems that needs to be avoided is infiltration of unwanted substances into the sewers, and ultimately, the water treatment plants. Some of the issues that are common with manholes / pit include:

  • Leaky manhole
  • Ring repair
  • Manhole cracks repair
  • Cycle loading from the groundwater
  • Loose mortar allowing infiltration
  • Leaks near stub outs
  • Leaks under frames and casting
  • Root penetration into nearby sewer pipes
  • Faulty pipe seals
  • Sewer pipe cracks from shifting soil
  • Corrosion from hydrogen sulfide of bacterial origin

Because manholes can leak and corrode, occasional sewer manhole repair is part of the process of maintaining the municipal sewer system. Maintaining and repairing the manholes helps prevent environmental pollution and reduce wastewater treatment costs. It also prevents sewage backups, overflowing city sewers, and large repair expenses for municipalities or commercial entities.

A failed manhole can be surprisingly dangerous. In 2010 in Milwaukee, a manhole gave way and caused a sinkhole, which took the city almost two months to fix.

NJ Sewer Manhole Repair Methods

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For sewer manhole repair, we usually start by taking note of the location and elevation of the manhole. This information helps us find problems and pinpoint risk factors. Some of the things we take into consideration include:

  • Whether the manhole is in a low-lying area
  • Presence of drainage pathways
  • Proximity to nearby curbs
  • Presence of cracked pavement near the manhole/pit opening
  • Proximity to lakes, wetlands, and waterways
  • Surrounding surface material
  • Trees and tree root systems nearby

To protect the sewer system, it’s important to plug holes in manhole covers, or to replace a damaged cover completely. This helps ensure good sealing on the sewers, keeping unwanted materials out.

We can also install chimney and barrel seals for cracks in the upper part of the manhole. To fix problems with mortar or cement, we use concrete patching, concrete plugging, or grouting (for brick areas).

Just like with residential sewer main lines, we occasionally use epoxy pipe liners for sewer manhole repair. After being cured in place with heat or UV radiation, cure-in-place pipe lasts for years without being susceptible to corrosion.

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