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Are you struggling with a backed-up sewer water line, broken pipes, or other problems requiring sewer main repair in New Jersey? At A1 Sewer & Drain, we provide quality professional sewer main repair services for all types of sewer problems, including sewer repair for burst pipes, tree roots in the sewer main and frozen pipes.


Sewer repair can often be done without using trenchless sewer repair that fixes the problem without digging up your lawn and landscaping.


With staff available for 24/7 emergency sewer repairs, we can have the problem fixed in no time, with minimal damage to your yard.

After inspecting the problem with sewer camera inspection systems, available from manufacturers like CUES Inc.Insight Vision, Envirosight, we will come up with a recommendation for the most cost effective long term way to repair your sewer line. Trenchless sewer repair can typically be completed in one day so once we get to work performing sewer repairs you will have a working sewer line again in no time at all.


Most of the time, we’ll use trenchless techniques.  Trenchless repairs are completed without digging up the sewer pipes.  Instead small access holes are dug at either end of the length of the broken pipes.   The small access holes are using to run through a new liner or a new pipe depending on the trenchless method used.

Trenchless sewer repair in New Jersey

Trenchless repairs do not require that we dig up any portion of the pipe, just make small holes, so there is less damage to your property and less to repair when the sewer repair is done, that means low cost sewer repair.

Trenchless sewer companies repair in New Jersey

Trenchless sewer repair in New Jersey is a recent innovation in sewer main repair. There are two main trenchless sewer repair methods:

  • Sewer pipe lining : Lining is a method of sewer main repair that creates a new “pipe within a pipe,” quickly fixing a cracked or broken section of your sewer line. A special resin-coated plastic tube is inserted into the damaged pipe and inflated. It’s left to sit so that the resin can safely harden, creating a brand new segment of pipe to fix the problem without needing to dig any major holes.
  • Pipe bursting : This method involves pulling the new section of pipe through the old one. The old pipe, which is already cracked or broken, is fractured outward as the new one replaces it. This form of trenchless sewer repair is often used on jointed pipes, or pipes that have completely collapsed and can’t be fixed with a liner.
  • Slip lining  : The slip lining sewer repair method is similar to pipe bursting except the old pipe is not broken.  The new pipe is pulled into and sits inside the old broken pipe.

With trenchless sewer repair contractors in New Jersey, our team of trained repair professionals can perform quick, effective sewer main repairs.

It’s so noninvasive that when we’re finished, you won’t even know we were there.

We provide sewer services throughout New Jersey, including in

  • Bergen County NJ,
  • Hudson County NJ,
  • Union County NJ,
  • Passaic County NJ,
  • Essex County NJ and
  • Morris County NJ.

To find out more about quality professional sewer main repair in New Jersey, including trenchless techniques, call us today at A1 Sewer repair & Drain repair, at 201-645-0888.

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