Sewer line scaling NJ is a problem found in cast iron pipes that causes frequent backups and sewer clogs.

Recurring sewer clogs in cast iron pipes are often caused by debris trapped inside of the sewer pipes, this is known as sewer scale.  In these cases we need to clear the scale from the inside of the sewer pipes to stop the sewer clogs.

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Sewer camera view of scale in cast iron pipes.

Sewer line scaling contractors NJ

Sewer line descaling are often needed when we see foul odors, slow-draining water or repeated sewer backups in lines with cast iron pipes. Chemical products used to clear sewer clogs may cause more issues in this case because the chemicals add to the scale and pipes corrosion.

Cast iron sewer pipes are heavy duty metal pipes that are strong enough to handle the pressure of tree roots and not to crack and break as easily as other types of pipe, but they are susceptible to corrosion and rust buildup. This is the most common issue sewer line contractors see with cast iron pipes.

Descaling cast iron line is a relatively simple and easy solution when you have cast iron pipes and are seeing sewer clogs over and over again.

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Water line scaling contractors NJ

The process for descaling pipes by a sewer contractor in NJ is simple. We will perform a camera inspection to look at the entire pipeline and determine what the problem is. Assuming that we find that the problem is corrosion and you need cast iron pipe descaling we can usually descale your pipes in a few hours and at a great low price.


We have all the modern equipment of professionals sewer contractors and remove scale effectively and completely clear the inside of your pipes. Excavation of the pipes is not required for descaling, we will use the existing opening to the line to remove all the rust and buildup.

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