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The sewer main line is one of the most important components in the water system, connecting your home’s plumbing systems to the city sewers. But your sewer line is underground so it can be difficult to maintain or detect a problem early. As a result problems can go undetected for a long time and end up damaging the sewer line.

It’s not uncommon for New Jersey homeowners to need sewer repair services when tree root growth, sediment build-up, corrosion, and other problems that cause broken, blocked, or damaged pipes.

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Sewer line repaired or replaced – We can also reline your sewer line with No digging sewer pipe repair or replacement

For fast, effective professional main sewer or main drain replacement and sewer main line repairs in New Jersey, give us a call today at A1 Sewer & Drain replacement.

Common Sewer Main Problems in NJ

Sewer mains pipes can develop many types of common problems that often require segments of sewers pipe to be replaced.

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  • Cracked sewer pipes can occur as a result of corrosion, invasive tree roots, high water temperatures, and other problems that develop over time. Cracks compromise the integrity of the pipes themselves, as well as interrupting the normal flow of water.
  • Collapsed pipes usually require replacement of the pipe, preferably using trenchless techniques that won’t require us to dig any unsightly trenches on your property.
  • Leaking joints. The joints between segments of pipe can break and begin to leak, a problem that can be fixed by a professional NJ sewer repair company.
  • Tree Roots. Tree roots can be attracted to the water vapors released through the sewer pipes joints and break the sewer pipe trying to get at the water.
  • Sewer bellies. The soil underneath the sewer line may erode or shift underneath the pipe causing a portion of it to shift downward, making it more difficult for water to flow well.

Sewer Piping and Line Replacement in NJ

If your sewers have developed any of these problems, we may need to perform sewer pipes replacement, which can usually be done using pipe liners and other noninvasive techniques.

sewer-repair-or- replacement
Sewer repair or replacement – Clean work with no damage to around the property

We begin most jobs by using sewer video scan camera inspection with sophisticated equipment from manufacturers like Aries Industries, Insight Vision, and Envirosight.

After getting an up-close look to verify exactly where the sewer problem is and which portion of the pipe, we can perform pipe repairs, by replacement of that portion of the line, and other necessary tasks to fix the pipes and restore the normal flow of wastewater away from your property.

Very often we will not need to excavate your lawn or driveway in order to reach the pipe by using trenchless pipe repair techniques. We use the existing opening to the sewer to pull through a plastic sleeve that lines the sewer pipes making it like new.

If we are not able to use trenchless sewer techniques and need to actually excavate the site and replace it, because we performed sewer camera inspection we know exactly where the sewer problem is and don’t have to dig up the whole sewer looking for it, we can go right to it, dig in a small area only leaving the rest of your yard or driveway intact and saving you a lot of money in repair.

If you’re dealing with a broken or clogged sewer main, call us now at A1 sewer & main drain line replacement, at 201-645-0888. We can provide the most affordable options for sewer replacement in NJ.

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Cost to replace sewer line

Getting a  broken sewer line repaired and replaced in NJ can be a long and costly process if you don’t have a plumbing company that knows what its doing when it comes to sewer line damage.

At A1 we deal with damages sewer lines regularly.  There are many causes for sewer line damage such as

  • ordinary wear and tear
  • cracked sewer pipe
  • broken cast iron pipes
  • deteriorated iron piping
  • water damage corroding the line
  • pipe burst causing broken sewer
  • clogged drains
  • sewer line cleaning damage
sewer cast iron replacement

Sewer line repair or replacement costs will vary depending on the cause of the sewer line damage. Proper sewer repair starts with a good sewer line inspection by licensed and insured pipe repair company like A1.  We will run a  small camera down the sewer line and look at the pipe condition and find any concerns.

Oftentimes it may be debris that a good drain cleaning with a hydrojetter can clear. However, in many cases there is a need for line repair and replacement. To repair or replace the sewer line means replacing your sewer pipes that run from your house to the street or to the septic tank if you have a sewer line for septic tank instead of a city sewer connection.

We use a variety of replacement methods and your cost to repair or your replacement costs by digging the line or by trenchless line repairs is always the minimum.  With pipe lining we can repair or replace your sewer line in 24 hr and the lining cost is often much cheaper to replace sewer line.

Sewer line insurance is typically not included in homeowners policies but you can get separate sewer systems insurance to cover repair costs.  If your home has sewer line coverage with insurance companies you may be limited to the types of broken sewer line repair available.

Contact A1 today for the best line replacement cost in NJ and the best service!

Trenchless Pipe Replacement in NJ – Repair it, Replace it, or install a new one with us

Best cost to dig pipe replacement or repair pipe by trenchless sewer pipe lining

With 24-hour emergency sewer repair services available, we always have staff members available to help you with even the most urgent sewer problems.

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