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We have years of experience with all types of sewer line repair service issues, from clogged sewer lines and broken sewer pipes to tree roots in the sewer line and collapsed sewer lines repair. We have replaced cracked lead and cast-iron sewer lines that were decades old and installed new sewer lines for brand new buildings in Winfield, New Jersey.

Whether your sewer line is just clogged, is broken and cracked, has line structure damage, or completely collapsed we will be 100% honest about what needs to be done to fix the sewer line and will work with you to find a fast affordable sewer line repair solution that will fit your needs and your budget.

We have worked on all types of properties in NJ, residential, commercial, industrial and municipal, and can give you free expert advice and an estimate for your sewer line repair today.

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Most Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage in Winfield, NJ

Sewer line damage can be caused by a wide variety of circumstances and the sewer line solution you need will vary depending on the cause and extent of the sewer pipe damage. Though honestly, in today’s climate the integrity and experience of the New Jersey sewer contractor matters even more.

Make sure you get a camera inspection and at least two or three estimates so you have the facts needed to make an educated decision before spending any money on sewer line repairs.

Sewer Repair Line Winfield NJ

Before we perform any repairs on any sewer line we perform a camera inspection by running a small camera through the underground sewer pipes to see whether the pipes are broken or just blocked or there is some other damage. Below are the most common sewer line issues we see in New Jersey.

1. Tree Roots Have Broken The Sewer Line

Those beautiful trees in your yard can often have long roots growing underground that are looking for water. In searching for water these tree roots often grow toward your underground sewer lines and grow around them putting pressure on the sewer pipes eventually breaking in through the joints or cracking the sewer pipe to get in.

2. Eliminating tree roots

The tree roots can grow into the pipe and any toilet paper or other debris will get caught in it creating a sewer blockage. You may then have a sewer backup and call a plumber to run a snake through, but either the snake will get stuck too or it will clear the line only to become clogged again a few weeks later.

3. Objects Stuck in the Pipe

You may not realize that toilet paper is the only material that should be flushed down the toilet as it is specifically designed to disintegrate in water. Any other materials, from tissues to wipes to Qtips, should not be flushed down the toilet and can cause clogs over time. Hair also can collect over time and turn a small partial clogged pipe into a full blown blockage or even break the pipe when additional debris gets stuck in it.

4. Weather Changes

New Jersey has been subject to a lot of extreme weather in the last few years from severe rainstorms, extreme cold and extreme heat. These changes in temperature can affect your underground pipes causing them to expand and contract which can cause ruptures and leaks.

5. Pipe Corrosion Repair

Pipe corrosion is a very common problem with sewer lines, especially when dealing with older pipes that have been subject to chemicals the longest and are more likely to be made of metal rather than PVC. Surprisingly, corrosion can occur just from the water running through the pipes, which may have chemicals in it that can interact with the metals your pipe is made of. The constant chemicals running through the pipes can cause layers of the pipe to peel and rust, thinning the pipe causing pinhole cracks and weakening the pipe gradually. Weakened pipes will be more likely to break due to weather or debris.

6. Underground Sewer Leaks

Sewer lines can often leak from the joints and can develop cracks and holes in the pipes for a variety of reasons. Small leaks can quickly grow into big leaks if not handled right away. Its best to act quickly to replace the one or two pipes broken underground pipes than to wait for the breaks to grow and have the line collapse requiring complete sewer line replacement.

  • Bellied sewer pipes
  • Cast iron sewer replacement
  • Sewer Line Damage
  • Damaged sewer line under house
  • Damaged sewer line under driveways
  • Damages in sewer lines under the slab

Sewer installation in Winfield

Sewer Line Replacement in Winfield NJ

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Damaged pipe replacement Winfield

Need a reliable sewer contractor in Winfield, NJ? Looking for sewer line repair methods and options? With A1 average costs for sewer line repair in Winfield can be as little as a few hundred dollars! Is the city responsible for sewer line repair? call us today to find out!

  • Disconnect old sewer line
  • Spot Repair
  • Cast Iron sewer with tree roots
  • Orangeburg pipe

Call A1 the #1 damaged pipe repair or replacement experts.

New sewer line install Winfield NJ

Roadway excavation for sewer repair Winfield

We also do road excavation or street excavation services in Winfield NJ for any pipe repair or replacement that is broken, disconnected or needs to be taken care of under main road (street, town, county, or state roads).

Water Main – Trenchless – Relining – Bursting

With the experience of A1 your Winfield NJ sewer line repair options and water main supply service line are unlimited:

Sewer trenchless repair, pipe relining, pipe bursting in Winfield NJ are just 1 to 2 days of work from start to finish!

(we can burst the old pipe and push new pipe into the existing sewer pipe by the bursting pipe method. That will cause the old pipe to expand/break by forcing the new line inside)

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