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Sewer line repair in NJ is not something anyone wants to go through but it can actually be a pretty smooth process with knowledgeable sewer contractors like A1 who do it every day.

If you are dealing with repeated sewer backups it is likely that there is a structural problem with your sewer line, like a broken pipe or tree roots cracking the line and the sewer will continue to clog until this structural damage is repaired.

Home sewer line connection repair

A1 sewer and drain services in NJ:  When you are having a sewer problem the first step is to conduct a sewer line inspection with a video camera. there are different methods and equipment if sewer line is home, commercial or municipality


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Pipe scanning before any underground works

Your main sewer line is underground so there is no way to really know what the problems with the sewer line are unless we look inside the pipes.

We use a small video camera and run it through the pipes to inspect the condition of the entire sewer line.  You can also watch the video for yourself so you can see the damage and do not need to rely only on the plumber’s opinion. Once we have the water and sewer inspection results we are better able to provide an accurate sewer line repair cost and provide options at different costs.

No surprises – Broken sewer line

When we complete a sewer line inspection we will be able to see if you have a broken sewer line. This will allow us to pinpoint the exact area where the sewer pipe is broken and come up with a specific sewer repair plan for that area rather than relying on general sewer repair remedies.


Sewer line repair options in NJ


  • Minor local pipe repair or replacement
  • excavation – digging

Typically, your options when dealing with a sewer line problem like a cracked sewer pipe or a broken sewer line are to either repair the line by replacing the broken pipe or replace the sewer line.


Sewer Line Service Contractors in NJ

Our sewer repair contractors in NJ will be able to accurately diagnose the exact location and problem with your sewer line, then provide you with the least costly and invasive sewer repair methods that will give you the most long lasting sewer line functioning.

Sometimes, we can use trenchless methods so that we do not have to excavate the sewer pipes to repair them but sometimes excavation is cheaper and sometimes excavation is the only method to be used for some homes in NJ and some situations where the structure of the sewer line is damaged.


If sewer pipe excavation services are needed for the sewer pipe repairs, our sewer line repair near me excavation service team will be able to handle the excavation, sewer pipe replacement, and then return your property to the condition it was in prior to excavation.

Main sewer line repair NJ

Sewer line repair cost

Whatever the problem you are having we can help you get a low cost sewer repair or replacement with excavation services or trenchless methods.


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+ what part of the sewer line is the city responsible for?

+ who is responsible for main sewer line connection?

+ lateral sewer line problems? who to contact?

+ how deep is the sewer line in my yard?

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