Sewer keeps backing up or your sewer constantly backs up, even after sewer cleaning pipe and you have an ongoing sewer line clogged this is a sign that your sewer line may have a break, tear or other structural problem.

Why does my sewer keep backing up?

If your sewer line keeps backing up and needs to be cleaned more than once or twice a year than it is likely that there is a structural problem that needs to be fixed before your sewer will stop backing up. A sewer television inspection can take a look at the inside of your sewer line and look for the problem causing the constant backups. Pipe breaks, joint separations, improper sewer lateral connections and pipes shifting out of proper grade can your sewer to keep backing up and will continue to cause backups until they are fixed by sewer repair.

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Sewer keeps backing up – Sewer constantly backs up
Sewer keeps backing up – Sewer constantly backs up from grease and debris with ongoing sewer line clogged


How is sewer main repair done?

Traditionally, sewer pipes that are being repaired would be fully excavated and removed and then properly bedded and replaced with approved materials.  The sewer contractor would manually remove the broken pipes and  install new pipe with a fully trenched and bedded installation. This type of sewer repair can be cost effective if there are no barriers or obstructions to digging up the pipe.  If there are obstructions trenchless sewer repair may be a cheaper sewer repair option.

How is trenchless sewer main repair done?

In residential properties relining is the most common sewer repair method used.  Its called trenchless repair because no digging of a trench to expose the pipe is needed when using this method.  Only one or two hole need to be dug to gain access to the sewer line and the inside of the sewer pipes are relined by inserting a flexible resin tube that is inflated so it sticks to the walls of the pipe and covers over any cracks, holes or breaks. When the resin hardens you have a new pipe inside the damaged pipe creating a new smooth layer of internal pipe.

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