Why sewer inspection for a new home?

Sewer line inspections are often overlooked when doing inspections for home buyers, water may be running through the home and the seller could report no flooding or sewer clogs in the last year but that does not mean that the underground sewer lines are in good condition.

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Sewer inspection for home purchase – Inside the sewer line view

Sewer inspections for home buyers in NJ.

A sewer video inspection before buying a house is an important part of the home buying process and can save you thousands of dollars when purchasing a home.

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Most people know that a home inspection is a critical part of home buying, a buyer can get out of the purchase contract if a defect is found and the seller is not willing to fix it.


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Typically, lender’s will not approve a purchase of a home with safety issues, structural defects and building code violations unless the seller repairs these items prior to the home purchase.

Other issues could be negotiated into the price.  Either way, it is always better to know of the condition of the home before the purchase so you could negotiate for the repair costs. sometimes the seller won’t fix a sewer line so you want to know what needs to be done and for how much.

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Include the sewer in a home inspection before purchase.

Most home inspections especially focus on big ticket items like HVAC systems, electrical line and the condition of the roof. Sewer repair is also a big ticket item , with the average sewer line replacement cost running about $5,000 but could be significantly more.

A typical sewer inspection before buying a house will cost $200 to $300 dollars, a very small price to pay if its found that the sewer line will need to be replaced in the next year or two.

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Have a sewer line inspection done before buying your home.

If you are buying a residential property you should consider hiring a sewer contractor to do a sewer scope to determine if the sewer line is in good condition.

A sewer inspection by a sewer contractor in NJ will require the sewer inspector to run a snake down the sewer line with a small video camera attached to the end of it.  A1 sewer inspector will maneuver the camera through the sewer lines to look for defects while watching the camera footage in real time on a video monitor.

This process will tell you the location of the sewer line, the condition of the system (if there are broken sewer pipes or deteriorated pipes) and the type and quality of sewer pipe material used (lead pipes or cast iron pipes will need replacement).

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A1 Sewer Contractor Inspections.

At A1 all sewer inspections include a written report and a flash drive copy of the video footage. If the sewer inspection reveals a sewer problem the inspection video and report can be used to discuss the situation with the home seller and obtain estimates for sewer repair from a variety of nj sewer contractors.


What is considering failed sewer inspection?

A failed sewer inspection is one that does not show you a clear and smooth running sewer pipe line.  If you need sewer repair in NJ then you have failed the sewer inspection.

Common sewer pipe line problems found during a sewer inspection include:

What if the sewer inspection failed?

If the sewer line inspection done before buying your home indicates that there are sewer problems you should discuss the issues with your realtor or attorney to determine whether you should negotiate repair costs or cancelling the deal altogether.

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