Sewer Hookup in NJ is the term for when property owners connect their property to local wastewater treatment facility for disposal of waste water from their structure.

Connecting to the county wastewater plant requires sanitary sewer lateral installation, which are a series of underground pipes which run from the structure to the main sewer pipe under the public right of way.  In a private home in NJ, this means installing an underground sewer pipe from the house to the street with the sewer line hookup to the public sewer main under the street.

Some homes in NJ use a septic tank that is periodically pumped out instead of connection to the city wastewater facility.  Sewer hookup for septic to town sewer connection would require retiring the septic tank and a new service line installed with main sewer hookup.

Sewer hookup NJ – Sewer line hookup service in NJ

A properly license NJ sewer contractor is authorized to submit plans to the town plumbing, building and/or wastewater management divisions for the design and construction of a sewer lateral on private property.

Requirements for sewer hookup in NJ include:

  • Permit must be filed by the property owner or the licensed NJ master plumber performing the installation.
  • All work for the sewer installation must be performed by a properly licensed sewer line contractor.
  • All sewer hookup work shall be performed in accordance with NJ building department and sewer, drain, lateral, plumbing department code and specifications
  • An on-site inspection is required by a plumbing inspector when the pipes are exposed.  Additional tests of flow, air and water may be requested by the inspector.

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It is important for sewer hookup to be completed by a NJ licensed sewer contractor that has experience with the installation of sewer lines in NJ (replacing sewer line) to ensure that the sewer installation is completed in accordance with the NJ plumbing code and NJ building code as well as environmental considerations.

More importantly a sewer line hookup that is properly designed and installed will reduce the risk of sewer and blockages, as well as broken and misaligned pipes due to pipe movement, joint weakness or root intrusion.

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