Sewer Pipe Repair In New Jersey Using Sewer Pipe Excavation and Sewer Relining for Damaged Pipes

Sewer excavation and sewer pipe relining are two different techniques used in NJ to gain access to a sewer line for repairs and replacement.

Like drain pipes and household plumbing pipes, the sewer lateral line can get old, damage, crack, leak, burst, or collapse and need sewer repair services.

In this case, local New Jersey sewer repair contractors will need to access the pipes in order to perform the right repairs.

There are two main ways to get into a sewer pipe.

Sewer Excavation in New Jersey

The first is sewer excavation, in which a trench is dug to expose all or part of the sewer line, this is the way it has usually been done in New Jersey for decades.

Sewer excavation is usually needed for new sewer line installation, and in the past, sewer service companies generally needed to dig to reach pipes for repairs.

Excavation for broken sewer pipe repair in union county nj

Trenchless Sewer Repair In New Jersey

Trenchless sewer repair is a newer approach that doesn’t require any extensive digging. Instead, sewer contractors use camera systems to inspect the sewer line for damage, then repair the problem through existing access points.

sewer repair trenchless

One of the most common approaches is sewer relining, which involves inserting a flexible pipe-within-a-pipe that can be hardened in place. This patches cracks and holes in sewer pipes that are otherwise largely intact.

When you call a local sewer service company in NJ for sewer repairs, the contractors will be able to advise you whether sewer excavation is the best option, or whether sewer relining or other trenchless techniques would make more sense.

Although trenchless repairs are usually preferable for both contractors and homeowners, there are some circumstances that may still require sewer excavation.

At A1 Sewer & Drain contractors, our team of experienced sewer service contractors are available for all types of sewer repair and sewer replacement, including sewer excavation, sewer relining, pipe bursting, and other approaches to fixing or replacing a damaged sewer line.

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Sewer Relining with Cure-in-Place Pipe in NJ

sewer relining CIPP
Sewer relining with CIPP and pipe bursting in new jersey

Sewer pipes in NJ can crack or develop small holes. This may not interrupt water flow completely at first, but these sharp areas create points where grease, paper, and other materials get caught.

Over time, this can create a “snowball effect” of adhesion, leading to a noticeable sewer clog.

Cracks and holes in a sewer line can also create underground water leaks that can destabilize the surrounding soil, raising the chances of a collapsed pipe.

Sewer relining with cure-in-place (CIPP) pipe allows contractors to restore a pipe that’s otherwise structurally intact, without the need for disruptive sewer excavation.

CIPP sewer relining is a commonly used method of patching cracks and holes to prevent further problems, while restoring normal water flow through the pipe.

Sewer relining for trenchless sewer repair is a relatively quick and simple process. The pipe liners are seamless and jointless, and this technique works well for repairing sewer pipes anywhere from 4″-110″ in diameter. Along with sewer repair, CIPP is also used to repair water, gas, and chemical lines.

sewer relining
Sewer relining repair for cracked sewer line in nj

Here’s a general overview of the CIPP sewer relining process:

  • The cure-in-place pipe itself is made from fiberglass cloth, polyester, or other suitable materials, and is saturated in resin. When put into place, the pipe liner is inverted.
  • Starting at the upstream sewer access point, the new pipe liner is inserted. For public sewer lines, the pipes are often accessed via manhole. For smaller residential sewer main lines, the sewer repair company may dig a small hole for access.
  • Water pressure or air pressure is used to invert the liner.
  • The soft resin is cured and hardened using steam, hot water, or UV light. Curing times can vary from as short as 1 hour, to as long as 30 hours, depending on the size of the pipe and the curing method.
  • After the process is completed, the sewer contractors will use a sewer camera inspection system to make sure the liner is properly in place.

CIPP sewer relining is one of the most commonly used trenchless repair methods, due to its simplicity, lack of invasive digging, and relative cost effectiveness for both NJ homeowners and sewer repair companies.

Although CIPP sewer relining can’t fix pipes above a certain amount of damage, this method is suitable for many common problems with sewer lines.

Sewer Relining & Pipe Bursting for Sewer Repair NJ

sewer relining pipe bursting
Pipe bursting sewer relining for cracked sewer line in nj

CIPP sewer relining is a common option for trenchless sewer repair in NJ, but it isn’t applicable in every case.

CIPP is ideal for pipes that still retain a good deal of their structural integrity, despite considerable damage. Sewer pipes that have burst or collapsed can’t generally be fixed with basic pipe lining.

Sewer pipes in NJ can burst or collapse for several different reasons. During the cold winter months, frozen pipes become a serious risk.

Pipes can also be broken apart by intrusive tree roots, with ongoing damage eventually leading to sewer line collapse. Unstable soil can also cause pipes to belly downward and fracture, as can corrosion in old metal pipes.

When sections of your sewer main line have severe damage, pipe bursting is the go-to trenchless sewer repair technique. Although no major sewer excavation is involved, pipe bursting can be used instead of sewer relining to fully replace part of the pipe.

Pipe bursting uses machinery to push out the remains of a collapsed or fractured sewer pipe, creating a location where a new section of pipe can be pulled in.

Sewer repair companies use a piece of hydraulic or pneumatic machinery called a bursting head, which is shaped like a cone and designed to push away broken pieces of pipe. A new section of pipe is attached to a cable, and pulled along behind the bursting head until it’s in position.

There are several different types of pipe bursting for sewer repair:

  • Pneumatic bursting, hydraulic bursting, and static pull. These techniques fracture the existing pipe while pushing the pieces outwards. This is the most common technique.
  • Pipe implosion fractures the pipe inward before pushing the pieces outward.


Pipe bursting has been reliably used to replace up to 400 m (1312.14 ft) of sewer pipe, but can potentially be used for longer sections.

There are a couple of factors that can limit or prevent pipe bursting. Soil that’s too loose can be an obstacle since it’s more likely to collapse downward when it’s agitated during the sewer repair process. Adjacent pipes or nearby utility lines can also complicate pipe bursting.

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