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Sewer construction services in NJ may be needed for a variety of reasons; construction of a new sewer line to connect a new building or a new addition to a home or building; homes with septic system may need conversion from septic to sewer lines, a municipal town may need to replace of extend a sewer main in the street; or replacement of a collapsed or broken sewer line.

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At A1 Sewer & Drain, you can count on a knowledgeable sewer construction team with strong experience in commercial sewer , residential, institutional, industrial and municipal sewer line and excavation services.



We provide sewer construction of underground sewer lines, water lines and other underground constructions throughout New Jersey.

This includes:

  • Roadway excavation in NJ
  • Finding underground pipes lines
  • Finding underground water leaks in pipes
  • Trenching
  • Laying pipe
  • Connecting pipe
  • Filling trenches
  • Drainage pipe and drain installations
  • Main sewer line construction
  • New construction sewer line
  • New construction water main line
  • Main water line construction
  • Sanitary construction


At A1 Sewer & Drain of NJ, we have the experience, equipment, training and skills to handle any type of sewer construction project.



Your sewer system is vital to the proper maintenance of your home or business property. That means you shouldn’t trust your sewer line construction to an ordinary NJ plumbing contractor but to a company like A1 that specializes in underground sewer construction and can complete the process of sewer construction quickly, expertly and at an affordable price.

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We can also install sewer lines for the construction of a new home or building or when you are building a new addition to a home or building and need a new sewer construction or to extend the existing sewer lines.

A1 Sewer & Drain is known across NJ for quality underground construction work for sewer lines, water lines, drainage and other underground utility installation service.  We have worked with many construction contractors complete building projects on time and on budget.
A1 Sewer & Drain has a strong reputation across Bergen County NJ for reliable sewer service, honest pricing, professionalism and exceptional customer service.

When you need sewer construction services in NJ call A1 Sewer & Drain – 201-645-0888.

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