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From residential sewer repairs, to large commercial sewer installations, A1 is the sewer company in nj with the expertise to complete your project on time, on budget and on point.

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We have the most modern tools and equipment to complete an effective sewer inspection and the experience with all types of residential and commercial sewer lines to know and understand how to effectively resolve problems with underground sewer installations at a low cost.

Sewer Company Inspection Services

A1 sewer company NJ conducts a thorough inspection of your sewer lines with a sewer camera and will give you an estimate of cost to repair the sewer as well as a timeline we will stick to.


Common sewer problems that we have handled include:

  • spot sewer excavation repairs.
  • trenchless sewer line repairs
  • new sewer line installations
  • sewer line replacements
  • removing tree roots
  • blocking the sewer line repair
  • sewer belly repair
  • damaged pipe repair

Sewer company NJ for sewer repair

Very often clogged drain lines cannot be restored through a simple cleaning procedure. The snake gets stuck in the line, the sewer line clogs repeatedly after being cleaned or because the clogs are caused by broken or corroded sewer pipes.


This is usually when a knowledgeable sewer company contractor like A1 is called in to perform an inspection of the pipes with a sewer camera to determine the nature of the sewer damage, where the sewer damage is located in the line, and whether the pipe damage from collapse pipe can be repaired long term or the sewer line needs to be replaced in its entirety.

Sewer company in NJ for – sewer digging


Sewer Digging? Call Before You Dig Service

Sewer repair problems that typically result in sewer excavation or sewer pipe relining (trenchless):

  • Your pipes are old and weakened by rust and corrosion.
  • Your pipes are made from cast-iron, clay or other off-grade pipe material.
  • Tree roots have broken a pipe and grown into the sewer line.
  • You have bellied pipes or collapsed pipes.
  • Sewer pipes have pipes with pinholes, crack, fissures and holes.

Sewer company for damage leak repair

Best NJ sewer company for sewer leaking repair

When a sewer line leaks or a sewer pipe breaks, it can cause repeated clogging of your home’s plumbing system. You can have a plumber come and conduct a sewer cleaning to unclog the line but if its not just debris and there is a real plumbing leak or pipe break the sewer will clog again in a short time.

When that happens, its important not to put off calling a sewer company and having your sewer line inspected because a small leak or broken pipe can be fixed easily but if it is not fixed immediately the leak could grow and damage the entire sewer line resulting in more costly sewer repairs and serious water damage and messes backing up into your home.

Tree roots in sewer repair

A1 Sewer company help you reduce cost when it comes to tree roots in the sewer line. Warm water flowing through your underground sewer line releases vapors into the soil through the joints or small cracks in the pipe. This water vapor attracts the roots of trees in your yard and they will grow toward the water putting pressure on the underground water line and breaking through them to force their way to the water pipe damaged the pipes and prevents water/sewer from flowing down the line.


Tree roots breaking sewer pipes and growing into sewer lines is very most common in NJ where most yards have one or more large trees.  Sewer cleaning with a plumbing snake will not remove the tree roots or fix the broken pipe.

It may clear some of the debris that has gotten caught up in the tree roots and freeing the water flow, but it is likely that after a short time of use debris will again get caught in the tree roots clogging the line again.

Consult with professional sewer expert

The best thing to do is to consult a professional sewer company in NJ like A1 to conduct an inspection of the sewer line with a video camera, tell you exactly what the problem with the sewer line and where the problem is and give you affordable options for sewer repair.


sewer companies in NJ – A1 sewer company

Skilled and experienced with nj sewer company constructions, our New Jersey sewer company can help you diagnose and repair any problem in your home or business quickly and affordably.

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