Looking for sewer cleanout installation or replacement? or just need sewer cleanout services? a sewer cleanout is the access point to the sewer pipe line that runs underground.

What is Sewer Cleanout?

The sewer clean-out is an above ground pipe with a cap that allows a plumber to access the underground sewer line for sewer cleaning, sewer inspection and certain trenchless sewer repairs.

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The sewer clean out may be located near your home, sometimes even in your basement, or closer to the property line near the street where the public sewer is located.


You should know where the sewer clean out is located on your property and how to get the cap off, sometimes it twists off and sometimes you will need a wrench, so you can get to it quickly if there is a sewer line problem.


Once the cap is removed, the sewer clean allows you access to the sewer line.  For sewer cleaning a snake will be inserted into the sewer clean out and pushed through the sewer line to clear any blockages.

If the snake cannot clear the blockage or the sewer blockage happens again within a short time thereafter then you should have a sewer contractor run a sewer video scope down the sewer clean out to inspect the sewer line and see if you have a broken sewer pipe or other damage to the sewer line.


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How we install sewer cleanout

To install your sewer cleanout and cap, we will first run a sewer video camera through the sewer line to locate the entire path of the sewer lateral line so we can choose a good location for the sewer cleanout.


We excavate a few feet of the sewer line area to uncover the sewer pipe, we cut into the sewer pipe and install the cleanout. We backfill the excavated area, clean up and leave the new cleanout at ground level for access.

Sewer cleanout installation cost

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The cost of a new sewer cleanout installation in New Jersey will depend on the location of the sewer line pipe, how deep the sewer line is buried, the size of the pipe, and whether excavating an area of pipe for the cleanout requires breaking a driveway, concrete or landscaping.


NEW SEWER CLEANOUT INSTALLGenerally, the average cost to install a new sewer cleanout in NJ is starting from $250 +.. Please call us today for a FREE estimate and advice 201-645-0888

Cleanout Installation

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Sewer Cleanout Installation

Looking for sewer cleanout installation or replacement or just need sewer cleanout services a sewer cleanout

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