Call A1 inspection services to get the best price & Service for sewer inspection! Sewer line inspection by camera is a method that allows us to see the inside of the underground pipe condition in your sewer line without guessing (or digging it).

Pipe Inspection

The sewer technician runs a small video camera into the sewer line through the existing opening to the sewer line and can view in real-time the sewer pipe condition live on a monitor.  The most common sewer line problems we find with the sewer camera include:

  • Cracked or broken sewer pipes
  • Tree roots that have grown into the sewer line
  • Build up of solid debris like toilet paper and feminine hygiene products
  • Pipes that have collapsed
  • Pipe corrosion, usually in older pipes
  • A sewer belly where a portion of pipe sags

Internal Sewer line inspection

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sewer camera inspection

The camera remotely manipulates to get a closer view if he finds any cracks, breaks or other damage in the pipes. When you are having sewer problems a camera inspection is a great way to find out the condition of your sewer pipes to determine whether you need sewer cleaning or sewer repair services and to make a decision as to what must be done without relying blindly on someone opinion.

A sewer camera evaluation scope will give A1 sewer contractors a clear picture of the damage to your sewer line.

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Clay sewer line with tree roots


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This allows you to complete any sewer job in the most cost effective way because you don’t need to guess what is going on in the sewer pipes in your walls and under your floors, we will know exactly where and what the problem is. There are cases where the sewer line is constantly clogged on a weekly or monthly basis and we can save you big $$$ on sewer repair.

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We had some clients calling us many times for sewer problems, specifically sewer clogs that need sewer cleaning maintenance sewer service every few months or sometimes every month, just because the nj plumber or sewer company did not recognize the real sewer problem that caused the water to stop and back up to the basement or client’s house.

Sewer Camera/CCTV-Video Pipe Inspection in NJ

In the real world, a sewer pipe that is built with the house, whether the pipe is from PVC or cast iron, or any other water sewer line materials, is made according to the house condition with the right level and angle not to get clogged in normal conditions.

Camera Line Inspection

If your sewer pipe is getting clogged often it may mean that something has fallen out of place or a pipe has broken or cracked.

Firstly, with our high tech waterproof plumbing cameras we can conduct a visual inspection of underground pipes. For example, we run a small camera through the plumbing lines to see if there are any cracks or broken underground pipes. Thus we can view the condition of your sewer lines, septic lines, water lines or other underground plumbing lines.


Secondly, we can also pinpoint exactly where the problem is and perform spot sewer repair instead of sewer replacement. Because spot repair is cheaper it can help you save money on sewer repair. Consequently, repairs may be accurately completed without tearing up your walls, cement floors or other parts of your property foundation.

sewer line inspection

Abnormal conditions that can cause a clog is when something is blocking the pipe and water cannot flow down into the sewer pipe or drain line like it should.

So just to make it clear, a sewer line theoretically, or any drain pipe line, has no reason to ever get clogged as long as there are no hard materials within the pipe so the water will flow down the main sewer to the street.  If your sewer line is clogging repeatedly it is likely that there is something wrong with one or more of the pipes and you could use a sewer video camera inspection to find out exactly what is wrong with your sewer line.


How NJ Sewer Video Camera Inspection Can Help You?

  • Sewer testing – Sewer video camera inspection can help you discover within the drain or sewer pipe:
  • Any hard materials that are stuck within the sewer pipeline, like if someone threw something in the toilet or bathroom sink that is filled with hair and builds up to a clog.
  • Damage to the sewer pipe that was caused by other work performed on the property, like landscaping work or contractor work or if the city cut the road or tried to run lines, like gas lines, underground and damaged the sewer line.
  • Damage that is caused by nature, like tree roots that break through the pipe looking for water and build up within the sewer line or stone or mud that slowly went into a pipe from a crack in the sewer line.
  • Other conditions, like people that abused the sewer line by throwing animals, clothing, cell phones, diapers and many more strange things that we have found in sewer lines.

It depends on the plumber or sewer cleaning company that comes to serve you, it depends mainly on their experience investigating broken and cracked sewer lines rather than just cleaning the line and going.

A good NJ sewer line inspection service company will come to investigate and solve your problem completely, not just take your money to clear a sewer line that’s going to clog again in a week or two.   Sewer and drain solutions will be offered to you which will determine the time and the cost that you will pay.

Some of our sewer technicians have over 25 years experience working with sewer and drain system companies in New Jersey and can provide you with the best sewer solutions on the market, sharing their experience that could save you, sometimes thousands of dollars and precious time, and minimize the damage to your property.

Sewer Inspection in NJ Cost – Savings to Your NJ Property and Your Pocket

sewer scope
Sewer scope – scanning the line from the basement to the street.

Assuming we find a problem within your sewer or drain line using our drain camera inspection, we usually will offer one or more solutions.  Most people think only about the cost and down time in case there is a damaged sewer line that needs to be repaired.

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Besides the cost that is involved directly in repairing underground pipes or a pipe that is located inside a wall, there are indirect costs and we can usually save you time, money and hassle:

  • the downtime of your home and sewer lines that affect the livelihood of your home or operating business, apartment building, retail store or commercial office, that is indirectly related to the cost of leaving the business closed, paying all these expenses, sending all these employees home.
  • the second thing is damage to your property which is indirectly related to the cost of your repair damaged sewer pipe, digging in the ground removing landscape irrigation systems, trees, etc. that might cost thousands of dollars if they need to be done if digging is needed.  There are some sewer solutions for home and commercial that can be done without digging and avoid this cost altogether.
  • Indirect risk, all work that involves repairing sewer pipes, there are unknown factors that may be found in the walls or underground, so even in great circumstances with a maximum of caution, there is a minor risk that you may find that there are things that need to be removed or cleaned in order to access the sewer or drain line in your particular property.
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Best sewer line inspection cost and service in NJ

So you want to get the best local sewer service NJ company that can look over all of the sewer problems through a good NJ sewer inspection and provide you the best solutions for the lowest cost.

A1 provided hundreds of local NJ camera inspections, call us today.  We have the experience needed and will give you straightforward answers, not a sales pitch.

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  1. I am interested in video inspecting a 15″ RCP stormwater pipe, which we believe has one or more open joints. The distance from inlet to invert of manhole is roughly 20′ deep.

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