Having problems with your sewer main line? There could be tree roots growing inside the pipe. Tree roots love to grow inside sewer pipes and drain lines, creating obstructions that block water flow and potentially cracking and damaging the outside of the pipe.

The tree roots from the trees in your yard are attracted to the water vapors exuded by the joints of your sewer line.  They grow towards the water and can get into the sewer line through the joints or breaking through the sewer pipe.

At A1 Sewer & Drain Services, we offer sewer cleaning and sewer repairs to remove tree roots from your sewer pipes, as well as fixing the damage with solutions like trenchless pipe lining or pipe bursting.

To talk to one of our experienced NJ sewer plumbers about your options for repairs, sewer line cleaning, and more, call us today.

Tree Root Problems

Sewer Cleaning & Sewer Repairs

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sewer repair
Homeowners often need professional sewer repairs and sewer cleaning to get rid of tree roots inside the sewer main line.

Sewer Pipe inspection

Next we do a sewer pipe video inspection to measure how long the sewer pipe lining has to be, where the incoming sewer pipe connections are, then we have to prepare the sewer pipe liner which consists of multiple layers.

Incpect sewer pipe. Broken sewer pipe


We also provide Trenchless solutions for tree roots damaged line repair or replacement.

Lining or pipe relining

If you have endless backups and clogs from roots in your sewer pipes or water leaks from cast iron pipes where floral has rusted away sewer relining may be the answer.

So how does sewer pipe lining actually work? So first we have to hydro-jet the sewer pipe which removes roots, scale and soil from inside the pipes.

A blue inner tape that prevents stretching during installation; a black rubber bladder which is inflated to push the lining against the wall of the sewer pipe and a layer of plastic to prevent the bladder from sticking to the lining. In 4 hours everything comes out except for the new sewer lining. The sewer lining hardens inside the sewer pipe because a special self heating epoxy resin is poured into it. And a very heavy roller is used to spread the resin throughout the liner before installation.

Next, the pieces of lining that would cover up the connecting sewer pipes are cut out at precise locations before the installation. We ensure that the lining fits into the fittings which contain the connections because the fittings are about twice as thick as the broken pipe that is being lined.

Then we wrap the entire lining into a burrito using a blue painter’s tape which is inflated when the bladder is inflated the blue painter’s tape pops off and stays between the lining and the wall of the pipe.

So during installation, we have to pull the lining into position and when we are all done we make a video for you to show you how your new smooth sewer pipe lining looks inside the sewer pipe.

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Repair underground storm drain pipe full with tree roots in

Sewer Excavation

If sewer relining is not available for your particular sewer line the sewer pipes can be repaired the old fashioned way with sewer excavation.  Because of the sewer camera inspection we know exactly where the broken pipe is and can excavate only in that spot to repair the pipe.  Usually we can do it without much hassle, even with just one day of work.

Sewer pipe repair options include:

  • spot excavation to replace the broken pipes.
  • sewer relining to line the inside of the pipes.
  • pipe bursting to remove the existing sewer line and replace it as the same time.

An experienced sewer repair company will be able to find the cheapest and easiest solution to fix your sewer line problem with no hassle. Call us today if you need help with sewer pipe repair, sewer pipe installation or sewer cleaning. We would be happy to help anywhere in New Jersey, including:

  • Bergen County, New Jersey
  • Hudson County, New Jersey
  • Union County, New Jersey
  • Passaic County, New Jersey
  • Essex County, New Jersey
  • Orange County, NJ
  • Essex County NJ

We’re always available 24/7 for emergency drain and sewer repairs, so feel free to call us any time at 201-645-0888 to talk to one of our certified NJ sewer service plumbers for all plumbing.

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