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Main sewer line backup repair NJ

Call A1 Sewer & Drain for residential or commercial sewer backup services in NJ.  We specialize in underground sewer services so we can provide complete sewer solutions, no matter the cause of your sewer line backup we can usually get your sewer line running again on the same day and offer a variety of options for long term sewer repair.

sewer line backup in Ridgewood NJ

Causes of Main Sewer Line Backups

Main sewer line backups happen for many different reasons, we can help you determine the reason for your backups and give you advice and repair cost estimates.  The most common causes for a main sewer line backup are:

  • toilet paper or other items
  • debris buildup blocking sewer pipes
  • tree roots in the sewer line
  • dirt inside sewer
  • pipe repair
  • sewer belly
  • sewer line repair
  • sewer line replacement
  • sewer installation
  • broken sewer pipe
  • broken sewer joint
  • sewer line corrosion
Sewer backup by toilet paper and debris

Pipe Backup 

Main sewer backup repair New Jersey/NJ

Pipe backup repair is easier, faster and low cost when completed by a sewer contractor specializing in underground pipes.  We use specialized equipment and underground pipe backup experience to get pipe backups cleared quickly and effectively.

Inside sewer line view

Drain pipe backup

Repair in New Jersey/NJ

We use modern digital technology to visually inspect the inside of your drains and find the source of the drain pipe backup.

This allows us to determine the best way to fix your drain pipe to eliminate the pipe backups and minimize the amount of digging that needs to be done for drain pipe replacement if it is needed.


We will also use the drain camera to make sure and show you that your drain pipe backup is free and clear before we leave your NJ home or business.

  • sewer line blockage
  • sewer flooded issues from time to time caused by clogged sewer
  • drain pipe blockage
  • water main blockage
  • drainage pipe blockage
  • stormdrain blockage
  • underground piping

Main Line Backup in NJ/New Jersey

Our main line backup repair tools and methods are accurate, reliable and fast. We can have your main line backup diagnosed and cleared effectively very quickly and give you low cost options for main line repair to eliminate the reason for your backups.


We Clear All Pipe Backups in NJ

We can clear all types of drain pipe backups  and underground pipe backups including:

  • Bathroom drain backup
  • Kitchen drain backup
  • Sewer line backup
  • Laundry drain backup
  • Drainage pipe backup
  • Underground pipe backup
  • Storm drain backup
  • Pipe buildup backup

out-of-order- sewer

  • Septic pipe backup
  • Sewer lateral backup
  • Sewer main line backup
  • Restaurant drain backup
  • Grease line drain backup
  • Industrial drain backups


Call us today for any sewer backups solutions at 201-645-0888 We do have great prices repairing your sewer or drain. Don’t waste time with an ordinary NJ plumber, get the NJ sewer backup experts!

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