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Prompt Sewer services in NJ

Prompt service can not only prevent exposure to dangerous fumes and bacteria, but can salvage as much of your damaged property as possible. For sewage removal in New Jersey, our contractors at A1 Sewer & Drain are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sewer back up?

A serious sewer backflow emergency is a homeowner’s worst nightmare! In certain emergency situations, raw sewage and wastewater can actually back up into your home, coming out of drains or flooding your basement. Because of its biohazardous implications, sewage cleaning is needed immediately by A1 plumber professional who can safely clean the affected areas.

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When you have a sewer repair emergency, you can always count on us for immediate service.

Sewer Backflow

residential sewage removal njDevastating sewer backflow can occur in your home or on your property for several different reasons. Some of the most common causes of this unfortunate occurrence include:

  • Clogs from flushing solid or non-dissolving objects. It’s important to be careful what you flush down he toilet or wash down the drain. Solid objects, diapers, feminine products, facial tissues, and paper towels don’t dissolve in water, unlike toilet paper. As a result, these materials can build up over time and cause a clog, leading to potential sewer backflow. Kitchen grease is also notorious for clogging pipes and sewer lines and should be disposed of in the garbage.
  • Structural sewer pipe defects. Misaligned pipe joints, collapsed sewer pipes, and cracks in the pipe can leak out sewer water. These issues require prompt professional sewer repair service.
  • City sewer backup. This issue lies in the municipal sewer main lines, not on your property. A clogged or burst city sewer pipe will cause sewer backflow into low-lying areas like basements, as they tend to flow into the lowest available drain openings.

Sewage Removal

What to Expect from Sewage Removal in New Jersey

sewer backflow sewage removalThere’s a very good reason why the smell of sewage is so nauseating and repugnant: raw sewage is genuinely dangeous. Human waste is a thriving habitat for all kinds of genuinely dangerous bacteria and other microorganisms. Physical skin contact can easily result in rashes and irritation, and if it enters your mouth or nose, you could get quite sick with serious gastroenteritis from incredibly dangerous pathogens. As a result, it’s essential to call immediately for professional sewage removal after the event.

  • Outdoor sewage removal.

    In the event of a collapsed sewer pipe or a serious leak from your sewer line, wastewater will saturate the surrounding soil, emitting an unbearable stench and creating sinkhole areas. Sewage removal contractors will approach the area while wearing boots, gloves, dust masks, and eye protection– after all, sewage and wastewater is legitimate biohazard.

Surface contamination and extremely contaminated soil will be removed and safely disposed of, and substances like garden lime can be used to reduce odors and stave off bacterial growth. The soil should also be turned over frequently to introduce oxygen, which feeds naturally occurring soil microbes that will break down unwanted organic material.

  • Indoor sewage removal.

    Sewer backup into your home often occurs in flood-prone, low-lying basements, but can also occur in bathroom. home sewer cleaning and removal in New Jersey usually requires a full hazmat suit to protect sewer repair contractors as they clean and disinfect the area. Open windows, fans, window air conditioners, and dehumidifiers are used to provide adequate ventilation, while also reducing indoor humidity. Workers will separate irreparably damaged materials in the area from those which can still be decontaminated and salvaged. Unfortunately, property damage from indoor sewer backup flooding can be very extensive.

Some things can be professionally steam cleaned and disinfected, but other items may need to be safely disposed of instead. Absorbent items like mattresses, upholstered furniture, pillows, and paper or wood products, should almost always be thrown out. After being sealed in heavy-duty plastic bags, contaminated materials can be safely disposed of directly at a nearby landfill.

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