Cost of new sewer line installation in NJ


The cost of new sewer line installation in NJ will depend on many factors, including access and location, the length of the line and timing. Many older homes have older sewer lines that are deteriorating or clogging repeatedly because of sewer pipe corrosion and broken sewer pipes.  In this case new sewer line installation may be needed to replace the old sewer line in its entirety. We are a long time sewer

Cracked Sewer Line Repair and Replacement


A cracked sewer line will cause sewer water and sewage to leak underground.  The crack will likely grow bigger over time and the leaking water will attracts tree roots to grow toward the sewer line which can further break and crack the sewer line. The roots will also grow into the line catching debris and causing backups. At a certain point when water has been leaking out of a cracked sewer line

Sewer Cleanout Installation Contractors NJ


Looking for sewer cleanout installation or replacement? or just need sewer cleanout services? a sewer cleanout is the access point to the sewer pipe line that runs underground. What is Sewer Cleanout? The sewer clean-out is an above ground pipe with a cap that allows a plumber to access the underground sewer line for sewer cleaning, sewer inspection and certain trenchless sewer repairs. The sewer clean out may be located near your

Public Sewer Main to Street Connection in NJ


Public Sewer  Public Sewer mains typically run through the streets in NJ and each property has a separate lateral sewer connection that runs from the building or house on the property to the public sewer line in the street. Building a drain or sewer to connect to the city public sewer main requires a permit and inspection from your town’s building department. A1 can make sewer line from the house to street

NJ Sewer Near Me 24 HR


When NJ sewer services are performed by a professional sewer contractor properly and in a timely manner, they can actually save you a lot of money on NJ sewer services. Cracked sewer pipes can lead to a collapsed sewer line if not treated in time.  Leaking underground sewer pipes can damage your properties yard and foundation.  A sewer that has backed-up into your basement can damage your personal property and cause a

Sewer Contractors in Northern New Jersey – NJ


Looking for sewer contractors in North Jersey NJ? Call for BEST PRICE and SERVICE Any Sewer Main Line Replacement contractors in Northern NJ. AFFORDABLE PRICES GUARANTEED SEWER REPAIR NJ BEST PRICE AND SERVICES ANYWHERE IN NJ 201-645-0888 NJ Sewer Contractor Why Go with NJ a Sewer Contractor Company for Sewer and Drain Services and Sewer Repair Contractors Sewer backups and sewer repairs in NJ are the most common sewer plumbing problems Sewer

hdpe pipe repair replacement installation contractors nj


HDPE pipe is a type of flexible plastic pipe used for fluid and gas transfer and is often used to replace ageing concrete or steel mains pipelines. Made from the thermoplastic HDPE, its high level of impermeability and strong molecular bond make it suitable for high pressure pipelines HDPE Line Replacement  Services in NJ From 1/2″ to 6″ water mains utility gas line sewer main replacement sewer repair line slurry transfer line

Deteriorate laterals allow root intrusion and infiltration of groundwater into the sewer system


Laterals can and will deteriorate over time, allowing root intrusion and infiltration of groundwater into the sewage system. Sometimes, the groundwater enters through cracks in the lateral but even more often, roots and ground-water enter the pipe through open joints. This ground water is sometimes referred to as “clear water” (even though it may be dirty) to differentiate it from household sewage. Water & Sewer Clear water infiltration into in a house

Broken Sewer Pipe Repair in Ridgewood NJ


Fixed our broken sewer pipe line in our Ridgewood NJ home.  We had repeated sewer clogs, paying to have it cleaned every few months.  A1 came in with a camera and showed us that an underground pipe was broken and gave us a quote.  They also gave us a copy of the video so we were able to shop around but most of the other places were pushing trenchless sewer repair and