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We provide a full range of residential and commercial septic services for customers throughout New Jersey, as well as other sewer and drain service.

Our Septic selection of services includes:Septic-repair-contractors-nj

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Septic Repair NJ

Septic tank repair in nj should be done by a nj plumber experienced with septic tank systems.  When there’s a problem with your septic tank, it can lead to all kinds of problems around your home or property.

  • Septic tank repair NJ
  • Septic tank pump repair

A clogged or damaged septic tank can easily lead to sewage backup into your plumbing system, clogging your drains and toilets.

Wastewater can also seep up through your soil into your yard, causing foul odors and a sanitation hazard. Fortunately, these common septic tank problems can easily be fixed by professionals.

At A1 Septic Sewer & Drain, our team of experienced septic tank service contractors work with all kinds of septic tank systems, from dozens of top manufacturers like Orenco, Waite Concrete, Shea Concrete, and many other brands.

Cost To Replace Septic Tank NJ

Whether you need septic tank pumping, or septic tank repair to fix a serious problem, our experienced septic tank service contractors can diagnose and fix it for you.

Give us a call for reliable, 24-hour septic tank repairs in New Jersey.

Septic Tank Installation NJ

Septic tank installation in NJ requires experienced septic contractors in new jersey.

Looking for new septic tank installation, repair or replacement in New Jersey? At A1 Sewer, our septic tank services include new septic tank installation and septic tank replacement.

Septic tanks can last a long time, but eventually, they can wear down or become seriously damaged. When you need a new septic tank installed, give us a call at A1 Sewer & Drain.

Septic tank installation can include a number of things that our septic tank service contractors need to do beforehand, including:

  • Soil testing. Septic tank systems drain out into your soil via a soakaway, where the broken-down organic material can safely be introduced into the soil system. The type of soil on your property can determine how your septic tank system should be installed.
  • Septic tank inspections. We can inspect your existing septic tank for damage and problems so that we can make sure that new septic tank installation is really the best option for you.

To find out more about your options for a new, effective septic system, call us today at A1 Sewer & Drain and ask about our septic tank services.

#1 Septic Contractors in NJ

Septic contractors in NJ are usually experienced in all areas of septic tank installation, maintenance and repair. To find out more about repair, cleaning, septic tank repair septic replacement septic installation, and other comprehensive septic tank services in New Jersey, call us any time at A1 septic Sewer & Drain.


Our staff of licensed, experienced sewer and drain contractors are always available for service, including 24-hour emergency septic tank removal repairs, emergency sewer repair, and more.

Sewer Line Repair

Choice A1 for any sewer line repair in your sewer septic and nonseptic system in the New Jersey area.

call us today! we can handle all your sewer repair, maintenance & replacement needs with a warranty. all minor or complete sewer repairs if you need sewers repaired, let us know & we’ll come to take a look.

  • sewer maint repair and replacement.
  • licensed, experienced and qualified plumbers in NJ
  • 24 hours sewer line repair
  • Great client testimonials

FREE sewer line repair consultation! A1 is committed to providing you great prices and services!

Sewer Line Replacement

A1 is qualified to any size of sewer line replacement services in the New Jersey area to handle your lateral services:

  • sewers
  • septic
  • excavation
  • pipe lining
  • trenchless
  • direct drilling –  horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • catch basin
  • drainage
  • water main
  • well water

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Septic tank removal repair replacmant installtion NJ

Common Septic Tank

Call us for any Septic Tank Problems in New Jersey Like other plumbing sewer and drain

Septic Replacement in

Looking for a septic tank replacement company in NJ Call experienced NJ Septic Contractor for

Septic Tank Installation

Septic tank installation amp septic tank replacement company NJ Best Price amp Service Contractors 201-645-0888 Septic tank systems

Septic Pipe Repair

Looking for a septic tank pipe repair company in New Jersey OR Septic Tank Removal Repair Replacement

Septic Replacement in

Looking for a septic tank replacement company in NJ Call experienced NJ Septic Contractor for

Replacing Your Broken

In many rural and suburban areas local NJ homes and businesses use septic systems to dispose

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