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Septic Tank replacement in New Jersey

Concrete Septic Tank Corrosion: Solutions from NJ Plumbers

Like copper, cast iron, steel, and other non-plastic materials used in sewers and septic systems, the concrete that’s commonly used in septic tanks is susceptible to microbial corrosion over time. The key cause of ongoing septic tank corrosion is hydrogen sulfide gas, the same substance responsible for the “rotten egg” odor characteristic of raw sewage effluent.

The hydrogen sulfide is a byproduct of the metabolism of anaerobic bacteria, which break down proteins and other organic compounds in human waste that contain sulfur. This gas accumulates in the headspace at the top of the septic tank, mixing with oxygen and water vapor to ultimately form sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive, and capable of breaking down metal and concrete.

If left unchecked, sulfuric acid septic tank corrosion can lead to the tank collapsing. As the acid interacts with the concrete, it changes the structure of calcium hydroxide. This large molecule, present in concrete, puts pressure on adjacent molecules.

Sulfuric acid can also corrode steel components in septic systems. Once the damage is done, the tank will lose much of its structural integrity, and you’ll need septic tank replacement as soon as possible from a local NJ plumber. Otherwise, you could end up with a huge mess on your hands if the tank suddenly fails and collapses, leaking out hazardous wastewater.

Septic Tank Corrosion in New Jersey

Septic Tank Replacement in NJ

Microbial hydrogen sulfide corrosion is a leading cause of damage to older septic tanks, creating the need for eventual septic tank replacement after decades of use. You should call a plumber for septic tank repairs or replacement if you’re experiencing the following problems:

  • Visible damage to the septic tank concrete.
  • Sewer backflow from toilets and drains.
  • Slow or gurgling drains and toilets.
  • Soggy ground or rotten egg odors near the drainfield.

If corrosion has compromised a concrete septic tank’s structural integrity upon inspection, we’ll recommend septic tank replacement. A good concrete septic tank can last up to 40 years with regular pumping and proper maintenance, so septic tank replacement is practically a once in a lifetime event. Quality septic tank installation from experienced local plumbers can go a long way toward ensuring that your new tank lasts as long as possible, as can good maintenance.

There are also a few steps that local homeowners and businesses can take to maximize the service lives of septic tanks and other septic system components:

  • Water conservation. Conserving water as much as possible will help reduce the load on the septic system’s drainfield, increasing the system’s lifespan while reducing the need for extensive maintenance.
  • Flushing only water and waste. As with sewer laterals, you’ll want to avoid flushing anything that could clog or damage your septic system. This includes caustic household chemicals, feminine products, baby wipes, kitchen grease, and other damaging or non-biodegradable materials.
  • Regular pumping. The frequency of pumping varies according to both the size of the tank, and the number of people in your household. Septic tanks need to be pumped on a regular basis. This could mean once a month, once a year, or once every few years. Talk to a local NJ plumber about the best pumping frequency for your septic system.
  • Consider a separate grey water system for certain appliances. Many modern appliances like hot tubs, garbage disposals, and washing machines can strain your septic system.
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