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Having an old or unused septic tank on your property can be a safety hazard.  Many properties in NJ had septic systems but as the towns around them developed and built up public sewer systems they were able to convert a septic system to a sewer system.

Typically the septic tank removal happens when they connect to the public sewer system but sometimes the septic tank is left on the property.


Septic Tank Removal by Septic Contractor in New Jersey

Septic tank removal is important because an abandoned septic tank may corrode over time and collapse if a person or animal walks over it.

This can cause serious injury to the person or animal. In addition, a septic tank that is not removed and not used regularly can build up methane gases which can be dangerous and cause explosions in certain cases.

If your septic system is no longer in use it is important that safe septic tank removal be done by a professional septic repair contractor.

Septic Tank Removal Process

Several steps need to be taken in order to remove a septic tank in New Jersey:

  • First, we need to obtain the proper permits from the town building and zoning departments.
  • Second in septic tank removal, we need to find the tank itself. Usually, we can figure out where the septic tank installation site was based on our assessment of  the property’s main draining point.  Otherwise, it can sometimes be found by looking at old property records or even talking to the neighbors.
  • Third, once we have located the tank, we need to remove the lid of the old septic tank, which is usually too heavy for humans to lift on their own and requires a backhoe.
  • If there is any waste still in the tank, we will need to pump it out.
  • Next in the process of septic tank removal one must remove the septic tank, again with power equipment.  In the alternative, the septic tank can be filled with rubble or crushed and buried.
  • Finally, the whole or the septic tank can be buried under, dirt or gravel.

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Septic Tank Sewer Pipe Company in NJ

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Our clients include local residential homes, municipalities, businesses, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, and apartment complexes, gained mostly through referrals from our satisfied clients.

Our experience in septic repair in New Jersey has allowed us to purchase top of the line equipment and provide the best hands-on training for our technicians.

Quality work, affordable prices and reliability has always been our mission.  Call us today 24-7 to discuss any septic repair on your property.

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